Tracy Sprinkle Faces Suspension

Tracy Sprinkle

Tracy Sprinkle, the former high school football star from Elyria, was hit with a 1-game suspension, but has been reinstated to Ohio State.

OSU announced last Tuesday that they were reinstating the dismissed defensive end. He now must serve a 1-game suspension. The former high school football giant received his dismissal in July from head coach Urban Myer. This was the result of Tracy Sprinkle being arrested in connection with a bar fight in Northeast Ohio, which also led to charges that included cocaine possession.

The football star pleaded 'no contest' in the face of an amended misdemeanor at a hearing in Lorain Municipal Court. The charge was 'failure to comply', and was a part of the plea deal that included the prosecutors dropping the cocaine possession charges, along with rioting and possessing drug paraphernalia.

He was given a $500 fine and a 30-day suspended jail sentence. He was also given community service and probation. The judge told him specifically to stay out of bars, and he is not under threat of any felony charges stemming from this incident.

In light of a reduction of charges, Tracy Sprinkle is now being welcomed back at OSU. He does, however, remain on a very short leash. Even though he is able to return to his team (in the nick of time to make their first official season practice), and will be performing community service, Coach Meyer will still have him performing a 'multitude of various additional things' before he'll be allowed to take the field while dressed in the buckeyes scarlet and grey uniform.

His suspension will be in force in their season opener when they face the U.S. Naval Academy. He won't have his scholarship during the summer session. Seems as if Meyer and his Buckeye staff are going to institute their own forms of punishment to teach him a lesson.

Tracy Sprinkle is only the 2nd defensive end to be suspended by OSU for its season opener. He shares this spotlight with his teammate Noah Spence, who was suspended for a conference rule violation from last season. His suspension carries over into the first 2 games of this season.

Tracy Sprinkle in court plea agreement
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