Ezekiel Elliott Suffers A Fractured Wrist

Ezekiel Elliott

Ohio State University running back Ezekiel Elliott has suffered a fractured wrist that will require surgical treatment. According to a recent statement, the sophomore player will undergo the surgery on Saturday morning to fix a left wrist injury. Cleveland.com reports that Elliot has only a minor fracture with a pin inserted in it. The running back is expected to be back at practice by Thursday.

Elliot's contact playing will be limited, but he'll be expected to make a full recovery by the scheduled game against the Navy on August 30th. Since Elliot holds the football with his right hand while running, the left wrist injury is less of a problem. He's also expected to start in the backfield this season for the Buckeyes' football team. Last season, he ran a total of 1,527 yards and made 15 total touchdowns.

Elliot was a player at John Burroughs High School in St. Louis, and he was coached by former NFL QB Gus Frerotte. During his first year at Ohio State, Elliot played in a total of 11 games. On 30 carries, he gained a total of 267 yards and scored one touchdown on one of his 23-yard receptions. He scored two additional touchdowns and had a total of four tackles during different games during the 2013 season.

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