Buckeye's Braxton Miller Scheduled For Surgery


Ohio State relies heavily on Braxton Miller on the field as he is the senior quarterback for the football team. Unfortunately, he has suffered a string of injuries as of late which will cause him to sit out the 2014 season. This latest development has been confirmed shortly after Miller hurt his right shoulder. He already had a surgery on the same area a few months ago and now he will have to go under the knife yet again.

Miller issued a statement saying that he loves the school and the fans of the Buckeyes. He will try to return from this recent setback fitter than before. His plan is to earn his degree by December if all goes well then go on to the school's graduate program so that he can come back to the team in 2015.

For now, though, he will have to be content with the role of chief supporter from the stands. Ohio State will have a tough time getting into the championships but other players will simply have to step up.

Braxton Miller is a perennial starter for the Buckeyes in the last four years. The shoulder injury began at the Orange Bowl game against Clemson back in January. At first, doctors thought it best to let the injury heal through non-intrusive means. However, it became apparent that surgery was needed to correct the issue. The procedure was done the following month.

Miller is a highly decorated college athlete who has been recognized as the Big Ten Conference MVP twice for his heroics, including the last season. Now he will have to tone down his activities and be patient while the joint heals.

Coach Urban Meyer offers his sympathies to the player and his family. He recognizes the difficulty of the situation for Miller and the fans who were counting on him to lead Ohio.

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