Terrelle Pryor Makes Triumphant Return To Ohio State

Terrelle Pryor Makes Triumphant Return To Ohio State


Recently, Ohio State decided to remove the ban placed on Terrelle Pryor. The talented football player will resumed his sports career on Friday at Ohio Stadium.

However, when it comes to participation within the intrasquad scrimmage, Terrelle Pryor will have to sit by the sidelines. While he will attend the event, he cannot play because of an injured hamstring.

Four years have passed since Terrelle Pryor has visited The Horseshoe. Before this new transition to wide receiver, Pryor played for the Buckeyes.

After he left The Horseshoe, Pryor suffered a ban from Ohio State. Fortunately, the ban has been lifted due to his membership with the Browns.

Most of the time Ohio State has no problem welcoming athletes back on campus. When such situations occur, NFL players are given access to weight rooms and lockers.

The reason why Terrelle Pryor was banned is because he failed to cooperate during an NCAA investigation. The organization was trying to determine whether or not OSU players were receiving free tattoos. In exchange, the team had to give away Buckeyes memorabilia.

During the ban placed against Pryor, he suffered suspension during five games. Attempting to restructure his career, he decided to take advantage of a supplemental draft. In regards to his suspension, he would have to suffer the restriction during his first set of five games.

As of this current date, Pryor is trying to become a receiver with Browns. Some time has been lost during this transition, but his talent will quickly gain him the success he deserves.

Mike Pettine made a comment realizing the misfortune Oakland Raiders experienced with Terrelle Pryor being pulled up. However, there is hope he can come back to his original team within time.

Cleveland Browns Terrelle Pryor on his progress at wide receiver
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