The Latest News about Braxton Miller’s Injury

The Latest News about Braxton Miller’s Injury


Ohio State fans have been worrying about the condition of their star player, Braxton Miller. They have been concerned about his condition more than anything else. They hope this player is able to finish the season without hassles. Perhaps they don’t worry about his repaired shoulder surgery as there have been no problems with it. Yet, there was something that makes them worry. It is Braxton’s game in Minnesota. He was seen slammed onto the field and apparently hurt his head. Fortunately, he was able to leave the field of play with the help from the medical staff. The rest of the the game against the Golden Gophers, he wasn’t able to participate.

Urban Meyer Talks about Miller’s Condition

Urban Meyer as the head coach of the OSU Buckeyes gave a statement in the weekly press conference before the Ohio State Illinois game. He stated his player will be fine. He would give further information about Braxton’s condition. He didn’t think his player would have any limitations with his injury. The head coach has given a signal that Miller would be able to participate in a game at Illinois this week. Meyer said that Braxton is good to go for the game. Meyer also gave the information related to Braxton’s health condition. For now, Miller is dealing with a sore neck. It’s due to the aggressive tackle against Minnesota.

The Valuable Player of Ohio State

Perhaps Braxton miller won’t participate in the practice but he’s expected to join the team during the game. Still, many fans and the staff feel the anxiety with Miller’s condition. Is he really recovered? In fact, the condition of this player has made many people worried. Needless to say, Braxton is a valuable player for the team. He’s a talented receiver and a great player. The team should be prepared for anything to keep this player on the field. Due to his injury, Miller could pass on some additional exercises and practices. He had a shoulder injury last time around. For now, it’s about his neck.

People still remember how Braxton miller struggled against his shoulder injury. After the shoulder repair surgery, he still can play well. Meyer wants to prove that Miller is able to show the same progress regarding his neck injury. Soon enough, Miller will be a threat for the enemies. It’s not a gamble, but it’s a trust. Braxton is a special football player for Meyer. He can play well whenever his coach puts him on the field. He’s going to make a play. At this time, Miller isn’t as emotional as before about his injury.

Miller will concentrate in his next Ohio State Illinois game. He wants to focus on how he can recover thoroughly. After all, he doesn’t feel like he misses the beat of the game for this season. He just wants to do an amazing game like he used to be. Both the coach and fans will expect a great comeback from their favorite football player. Urban Meyer has put much faith on him. This week will determine how good Miller’s recovery progress is. Perhaps there are some fans that are being skeptical with Braxton’s condition. Is he able to fulfill his duty on the field?
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