Ohio State Michigan 2015

Ohio State Michigan 2015

Ohio State Michigan 2015

Some fans are worried that the Buckeyes #8 (10-1) have run out of gas after a lackluster showing at home against the Spartans last weekend. Ohio State needs to get the ball down the field to players like Braxton Miller to open up the running game for Ezekiel Elliot.

Michigan #12 (9-2) is feeling good about themselves heading into “The Game” with most parts of their game ticking. Their offense isn’t as good as their defense but if they can avoid turnovers they have a shot at beating Urban Meyer.

Ohio State has incredible talent, doesn’t have the pressure to be the best team in country that they had before, and are now more motivated than ever to beat their long time rivals. All of Buckeye Nation is hoping adjustments have been made this week to put up some serous points on a really good defense.

Michigan State was ranked the 26th team in total defense and Ohio State could only put up 132 yards of offense and five first downs. Michigan has the 4th best defense in the country, it will be a big test for the OSU offense in the The Big House.

Ohio State Michigan Odds

Ohio State is favored by Sportsline in this one by 4 points even though they are on the road and just lost one to the Michigan State Spartans.

Ezekiel Elliot falls to 25-1 odds at winning the Heisman at the end of the year after not getting the ball a whole bunch in their loss. He stated that he wanted to go professional at the end of the season primarily due to bad play calling in the game. It was an emotional moment for him and he could very well still come back next year after looking at everything in a calmer state of mind.

Ohio State Michigan Countdown

One bad game and not only is Ohio State out of the playoff for the national title but most likely will not make the Big Ten Championship either. They need the Spartans to fall to Penn State and they need to beat Michigan to face Iowa for the Big Ten Championship. Penn State isn’t a great team, so it looks like a long shot with a slight chance of happening. The Game this weekend could have been huge with the winning going to the championship game, but now does not carry the same importance.

Ohio State Michigan Start Time

The game in the Big House starts at Noon and will be aired on ABC again.

Ohio State Football: Team Up North Trailer

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