Ohio State's 2016 Running Game

Ohio State's 2016 Running Game


In terms of the 2016 season, Urban Meyer stated that he sees similarities between his Ohio State rushing game and the one that he had in Gainesville. He mentioned talented Ohio State Footfall players such as Dontre Wilson, Mike Weber, Bri'onte Dunn and Curtis Samuel.

He says that Zeke Elliott and Carlos were present the last couple of years, but players like them were not on his team in Gainesville. He had to create a running strategy back then, so he is thinking along those lines when it comes to the 2016 season.

He claims that all of this is doable since Elliott is going to be a first round NFL Draft pick. Keep in mind that Hyde plays for the San Francisco 49ers as a running back. Meyers says that Ohio State's spring roster doesn't have NFL quality rushing backs at this point in time. But anything could happen. (Ad: H&R Block Tax Filing with http://2015Tax.org)

Samuel underwent foot surgery in January, and this limits what he can do because of the soreness. However, Meyer claims that Samuel will be ready in the upcoming week.

Basically, Meyers says that these two will be the run game players.

Wilson did not have any handoffs during the 2015 season, but he did catch seven balls for a total of 63 yards, and this is when his foot was in pain. Samuel caught the ball for a total of 17 runs. This resulted in 132 yards and a touchdown. He also played as a wide receiver. Samuel might take wide snaps in 2016, but Meyers wants him to mostly concentrate on handoffs.

Both of these players were part of the wide receiver and tailback drills during spring camp training. They were practicing skills with Antonio Williams, Weber, J.T. Barrett and Dunn. They did pretty good considering the injuries involved.

Meyer wants everyone to know that at least three or four of his Ohio State Football players will carry the ball during the 2016 season. He thinks that there aren't any other tailbacks that are as talented as Hyde and Elliott were for the past three years.

Although many people are expecting Bri'onte Dunn to get the game's first snap, Meyer says that other Ohio State Football players are just as talented.

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