Luke Fickell Is the New Head Coach for Cincinnati

Luke Fickell Is the New Head Coach for Cincinnati


Saturday was full of some amazing announcements. One such announcement was that the Luke Fickell just received a green light from the Cincinnati Bearcats to be their head coach. Fickell was previously the defensive coordinator for Ohio State.

The only thing they are waiting for is a final stamp of approval from the Cincinnati Board of Trustees. That should occur during the meeting on Sunday. The school and Fickell agreed to have a six-year contract during Friday night negotiations.

The 40-year-old coach said that he was proud to accept the position. His demeanor was one of utter humility. When referencing Ohio, he mentioned it as a hardworking blue collar state that he respected to the fullest extent.

Fickell is replacing Tommy Tuberville, who lasted four seasons with the team and had a positive stint with the team. Mike Bohn had an interview with Fickell on Thursday and discussed his new position.

Bohn stated that Fickell fit the criteria that the team was searching for in their new coach. They were looking for someone who had just the right amount of energy and talent to fit the bill for the position. Fickell was the perfect match. Bohn stated that Fickell had all the qualities that set him apart.

The main positive quality that Luke Fickell had that set him apart from everyone else was his integrity.

Head Coach Luke Fickell's Introductory Press Conference

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