Why Georgia Is Not Enough For DE Brenton Cox

Why Georgia Is Not Enough For DE Brenton Cox


DE Brenton Cox has broken Georgian hearts by signing with Ohio State. The tears are still fresh and haven't dried but that's the way of the world. It was unknown, however, if DE Brenton Cox was given an offer he couldn't refuse as in money talks. Indications are that he loves the Buckeyes and the recruiting class they are putting together.

For in the world where DE Brenton Cox swims, there are two forces at play. The Dark Side means money changes everything. The Force, however, wins over when someone with the caliber of DE Brenton Cox chooses such things as promises, future, respect, and potential.

It's not all about the money, no one has heard DE Brenton Cox say just yet. So the rest of world can only guess. DE Brenton Cox, who's a defensive end, is ranked 19 in the 2018 class. Whether he joins The Force or The Dark Side in selecting Ohio, DE Brenton Cox is destined for the Big Ten.

All the hard work, heartbreaks, and countless sacrifices along the road to becoming sought after by the big leagues have paid off for DE Brenton Cox in a big way. All of a sudden the man must feel like he's Achilles or even Hercules. And nothing or no one can take away that feeling from him.

DE Brenton Cox deserves everything that is coming to him, these days. He's certainly earned it after having done his best to be ranked No. 5 in the USA's extraordinary league of defensive ends. DE Brenton Cox is from Stockbridge, Georgia, but a man has got to do what he's got to do.

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