The Wisconsin Badgers Are Underdogs

The Wisconsin Badgers Are Underdogs


It comes as a shock to many that the Wisconsin Badgers are considered the underdogs in the upcoming game against Ohio State. It is a surprise as the Badgers are the only team to win 12 straight in all of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

This unwelcome title is being attributed to low rank of the Badger opponents. Only one of the Badgers victories have been against a team with a top ranking in the AP. Wisconsin themselves ranks a mere 45th in the FBS. Their upcoming opponent, Ohio State, ranks an impressive third.

Even with victories coming from low ranking opponents, twelve straight victories is no small feat. The lowest ranking teams have proven to be formidable opponents against even the best teams. An example is the defeat of the number one ranked Clemson to Syracuse, a team whose ranking does not even make them eligible for a bowl game.

No one is more proud of the Badgers than their coach, Paul Chryst. He was quoted as saying that his players have " earned the right to. Play against a heck of a football team in Ohio State." The Ohio State coach, Urban Meyer, also praised Wisconsin for what they have achieved this season.

Chryst and his team do not appeared to be worried about their placement. Instead, they are focusing on facing the top ranked team in the upcoming game. Chryst supported this statement saying, "This group earned the right to all the focus and energy this week goes into preparing ".

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