How Jack Miller III Emerges As The 2020 Ohio Recruiting Class Secret Weapon

How Jack Miller III Emerges As The 2020 Ohio Recruiting Class Secret Weapon


In Jack Miller III, Ohio State has finally found a man it can depend on both the field and out. And that spells trouble for anyone who isn't a Buckeye. Jack Miller III gave his pledge after a Friday night recruitment spree.

Jack Miller III is a four-star quarterback who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. With him on board, there's nothing stopping the Buckeyes now from achieving their objectives. And that's why everyone in the team has been seen jumping for joy lately. The team is confident that it has everything it needs to put the pressure on.

National Perception

No. 47, as everyone knows is a young but very driven man. At 6' 4" and 210 pounds, Jack Miller III is definitely a lean and mean fighting machine. But you really have to watch his commando-like demeanor to believe, although his play stats say it all.

Let's hear it from Tim Kohner who had the privilege of coaching Jack Miller III for years at school. Kohner's take on the man sounds like he's describing the abilities of the Bionic Man. And who can blame him?

Tragedy Leads to Drive

Jack Miller III has gone against all odds to become one of the most determined young quarterbacks that American football has ever seen. A family friend's tragic accident that occurred while watching him play once made him break down in tears. But instead of bringing him down, Jack Miller III managed to turn a recurrent nightmare into an inspiration to succeed like no one has in the field.

Jack Miller III is making the marks now, but at his age, he's only getting started. You only need to watch him at play in order to realize that he has infinitely so much more to give. Best of all, every ounce of determination in his body shows that when he commits, he really means it. So if Ohio State is as committed to Jack Miller III as he is, the team is unstoppable.

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Jack Miller III Transfers From Ohio State

Ohio State quarterback Jack Miller III will transfer from the Buckeyes program. Miller announced his decision on Twitter. Miller could not survive the crowded quarterback room at Ohio State in 2020 and after not playing much, he entered the transfer portal. A total of 42 snaps during the year and an OVI charge that led to a short syspension, was all the third string QB could muster. Quarterbacks CJ Stroud and Kyle McCord got all the important time with the Buckeyes during the season and will return next year.


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