D.J. Carton Joins The Buckeyes

D.J. Carton Joins The Buckeyes


Ohio State acquires D.J. Carton for 2019. On Saturday, Ohio State obtained a big commitment by persuading D.J. Carton, the five-star point guard from the Class of 2019, to join their ranks.

Emerged from Obscurity

Carlton, who stands at five foot eleven inches, made a splash on the national recruitment arena this spring, when he emerged from obscurity to be a top prospect. While Carton does not play on any big shoe company circuits, he impressed college coaches and national scouts with his abilities over the April live assessment with Quad Elite Cities --- the same group that produced top players such as Montana State's Tyler Hall and Wisconsin's Ethan Happ.

A dynamic player who can function over the rim, Carton displayed many attributes during the American Basketball Under Eighteen trials in June, while competing against lots of the leading athletes in his group.

Ohio State 2019 Class

The Buckeyes are landing a notable signing at a good time, because they now possess a solid lead guard to build their squad around. As the third top prospect from the 2019 Class to enroll with Ohio State so far, Carton has a national ranking of seventeen in the Rivals rankings. He joins Alonzo Gaffney, who is a four star wing, in Ohio State's recruiting class of 2019, as the Buckeyes look set to secure a top ten recruiting class.

Once more, Ohio State look like a formidable side as far as recruitment is concerned, and they ought to be a big factor for many up and coming players.

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