Justin Fields is Moving from Georgia to Ohio State!

Justin Fields is Moving from Georgia to Ohio State!


It is now official that the Georgia quarterback Justin Fields is going to join Ohio State. On Friday night, Fields confirmed his statement that he had posted on Twitter. Fields was expected to move to Columbus campus on Friday afternoon and since the classes at the university will soon resume, Fields is likely to move in over the weekend. According to report, Fields will
participate in spring practice as well as in the Buckeyes’ offseason program.

Fields served as the backup to sophomore Quarterback Jake Fromm in the 2018 ESPN 300 where he emerged as the best recruit of the season. Has he appreciated the University of Georgia, Fields said that under the great coaches at the university he has refined his skills. He said that Coach Kirby as well as the entire UGA football coaching staff has work a great deal to help
him improve his career as a quarterback athlete. He thanked them for being patient and understanding while training and mentoring him to be a future athlete.

According to a report from Lettermen Row, Fields’ decision to move to Ohio State may have resulted from his friendship with QB Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State. This is especially if you consider the fact that they were trained together by the Atlanta-based quarterbacks coach Quincy Avery, who is one of the most outspoken supporters of Ryan Day. He has been quoted severally congratulating Ryan for is ability to develop players’ talent to its full ability.

Once Fields has been granted a full release by the university, he will have to petition the NCAA for his eligibility to
participate in Ohio State Baseball. He will then transfers to Ohio State University immediately and participate in the Baseball. Field said “I have decided to move to Ohio State University where I will continue with by undergraduate degree as I play football for the Buckeyes. I will miss Ohio Baseball Fraternity more than they will every think, and wish them the best as they prepare for the next season. I hope the friendship that we have developed here in the university will remain strong while we are playing
football in the university or even after we left college.” Fields ended his statement by saying that he will not be making further comments nor doing interviews about the transfers.

Earlier last month, there was information that ESPN Fields was considering transferring to the State of Ohio , where Fromm is well-established quarterback. Fields seemed to have made a final decision to move to the Ohio State University since he had transferred a number of his personal belongings from his dorm-room in Georgia and informed some of the coaching-staffs that he was leaving.

Before moving officially to Ohio States University, Fields must apply for hardship waiver from the NCAA that will enable him to
participate in the Ohio State Football 2019. Report from reliable sources informs us that he has hired Thomas Mars, who is an Atlanta-based attorney to help him get the approval to participate in the Ohio Football. Thomas Mars is a popular attorney
who has helped a number of athletes such as Shea Patterson as well as five Ole Miss to obtain hardship waivers successfully. This was after the Rebels were denied participation for two sessions consecutively in 2018. Sources also informed ESPN that Field and his father were in close discussion with Smart about Field’s future.

Fields emerged the best player after completing 27/ 39 passes in 328 yards in 12 games of the season when he was at Harrison High-School at Kennesaw, Georgia. For the 12 games, he only saw four touchdowns and no interceptions at all and was used throughout the games. This performance emerged mainly from his mop-up duty. Field did not participate in the All-state Sugar Bowl on the first day of the New Year.

The Buckeyes are expected to lose Dwayne-Haskins Jr., who is a third-year sophomore that achieved 4831 throws with only 50 touchdowns and eight interceptions in the 2018 season. Although this was his first season, Haskin ranked number 18 player and number one quarterback for the April’s NFL draft. However, Redshirt Freshman is likely to join the Buckeyes. Freshman is coming back from the Las Vegas. He is one of the best plays as he ranked number 127 player overall and number 6 at dual-threat quarterback in 2017 ESPN 300 season.

Ex-Georgia QB Justin Fields Expected to Transfer to Ohio State | Big Ten Football
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