Loss of Doug Nester Leads to Enokk Vimahi Signing

Loss of Doug Nester Leads to Enokk Vimahi Signing


USC football was hoping to sign lineman Enokk Vimahi to boost their 2019 o-line class. However, the four-star guard settled on signing for the Ohio state Buckeyes. Although he had a December visit to USC before signing, he developed a genuine interest for the Ohio State University as January went by. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 263 pounds and also among the 16 players in the 2019 Ohio State recruiting class. He is among the four-star recruits under new Head Coach Ryan Day. He will be joining center Harry Miller (five-stars) and tackle Ryan Jacoby (Four-stars) as the 2019 recruits on the offensive line.

Enokk Vimahi is not very huge and needs to add more weight at Ohio State, however, his elite athleticism, as well as his lateral movements, renders him the perfect physical match for Ryan’s pass spread offence. Moreover, Enokk understands a proper way to block while in the offence.

Doug Nester

OSU needed an offensive lineman after Doug Nester failed to join the team and went to Virginia Tech. Although Nester had a verbal commitment to the Buckeyes since August 2017, Urban Meyer’s retirement gave him some motivation to play for Virginia Tech. This ordeal is a big miss for Buckeyes, but that is why they have recruited Enokk Vimahi to replace that position.

Enokk Vimahi

Enokk is ranked as number five offensive guard in the nation. He is number 124 prospect according to recruiting composites and number 119 in the rankings of 247sports. He had long been regarded as a USC Trojan in the future, but his Visit to the Columbus during January made him become a Buckeye player. Ryan Day has been Vimahi’s recruiter for OSU, therefore when he became the new coach, Enokk’s interest improved as well.

Other College Options

Vimahi went to Kahuku High school and was down to three powers of the mainland; they include Notre Dame, USC and Oklahoma before Ohio State stepped in. Enokk considered USC as the West Coast dream school for any athlete. Notre Dame offered him a crazy environment on game day. He also liked the school's interest in boosting talent on the offensive line.

With Enokk Vimahi joining the Ohio State, it will have benefits to the football program. He knows how to block while in the offence and his school passes the ball quite often, therefore, he is well acquainted with it. Vimahi will not be around in the next two years since he has a mission to progress, this implies he is a recruit for 2021. For the football program, they now have heavy hitters who are rare in most teams. Vimahi is a welcome addition to the higher level projections.

Getting a high-level prospect from a faraway place is a daunting task and since the Ohio state could beat other schools like USC and Oklahoma for Vimahi’s pledge says a lot the competency of Ryan’s job. Vimahi is now third offensive guard to sign with Ohio State in 2019.

Enokk Vimahi Ultimate Highlights // 2019 4-star OG Kahuku, Hawaii // Ohio State commit


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