Ohio State OL Malcolm Pridgeon Greeted by Cincinnati at Pro Day

Ohio State OL Malcolm Pridgeon Greeted by Cincinnati at Pro Day


Ohio State Pro Day

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the groups that met with Buckeye OL Malcolm Pridgeon.

Pridgeon is anything but a major name heading into the draft, in light of the fact that Ohio State's line was frustrating in 2018. In any case, as an individual prospect, Pridgeon stands up without anyone else. Not at all like 10 of his Ohio State colleagues, Pridgeon was not welcome to the NFL Scouting Combine earlier this Spring. But that didn’t stop him from preparing.

He invested energy at Kennesaw, Georgia PRIME Athlete Development, and has also worked out at Deer Park, New York Xceleration Sports Training, close to the place where he grew up, working out 3 times each day to plan for the weight lifting, athletic tests and line drills that he experienced at Pro Day.

Leaving Nassau Community College

While Pridgeon had the chance to play football at Ohio State, that open door didn't come immediately – he originally spent two years at Nassau Community College, on Long Island close to the place where he grew up of Central Islip, New York.

Subsequent to procuring a 5-star recruit rating as a school prospect, Pridgeon began each round of his senior and second to last year by leading the group in 2018 plays from scrimmage with over 1,160. He was likewise 3rd in the conference (Big Ten) gathering in least sacks permitted in 2018, in spite of quarterback Dwayne Haskins' 561 passes (a school-record).

Pridgeon is 6 foot 7 inches and 310 pounds, he is bulky enough to start at either line position at the next level. He lined up at guard for the Buckeyes, however logged a few snaps at OT while at Junior College (Nassau Community College).

Mock Draft

On day 3 of the NFL draft, the Bengals might draft Pridgeon as an OG or an OT. The Bengals don't presently have a backup OT, with the goal that's in all likelihood what they are after. They as of now have five OGs, so on the off chance that you toss Pridgeon in with the general mish-mash, you would assume that a few of them would be asked to leave for good in the wake of camp.

Nonetheless, the Bengals prize flexibility on their line, as a reinforcement Pridgeon would offer them that. The Bengals additionally like linemen who can remain on the field, Pridgeon's 28-start streak most likely stands out to the office. Who knows, he might even challenge Bobby Hart for a roster spot. We wouldn't see any problems with that by any stretch of the imagination.

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