Editorial: The ego of NFL front office personnel is hurting the game.

Editorial: The ego of NFL front office personnel is hurting the game.

Editorial:  The ego of NFL front office personnel is hurting the game.

In just the last couple of days we have seen two examples of the egos of NFL front office personnel against their own players hurting the game.

By Bill Smith

             Exhibit 1.  The Terry Glenn case.

            1a  Glenn wanted to play but the Cowboys wanted to rid the team of the Parcells' players.  The excuse they gave was that the risk of injury again this year forced them to ask him to sign an injury waiver.  According to the owner Jerry Jones, it was “standard procedure.”  However, I have been watching the NFL for over 50 years and I have never heard of a team demanding that a player sign an injury waiver in order to play under a contract that was in place at the time.

            1b Glenn agreed to a compromise—He reached an agreement on a split contract with the Cowboys Friday, July 25. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed,  But there was a problem.  A compromise would not get another Parcells' guy out of town.  So JJ refused to sign the compromise the deal that reportedly his front off negotiated in good faith.  He cut Glenn.

            Conclusion:   No rational person would think that any combination of Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Isaiah Stanback, Mark Bradford, Mike Jefferson, Daniel Polk, and Danny Amendola can begin to provide the production that Glenn can.  So why did JJ cut him?  The answer is one word—Ego.  JJ is trying to get the public to see him as the big cheese in Dallas again.  He fired both Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells because they were getting too much attention.  Like a third grader that had his favorite toy stolen, JJ pouted.  It may be hard for Cowboy fans to understand but he would rather lose in the playoffs and be the Big Man of the team than win and allow people to credit a Parcells' guy.

            Glenn will go to Miami.  If Parcells can find someone that can get the ball to him, Glenn will have another very good year.

            Exhibit 2.  The never ending saga of Bret Favre.

            2a Packers general manager Ted Thompson told the media that when Favre called him and expressed interest in playing in 08, he was ready to fly to Mississippi to welcome Favre back.  Less than a month later, Thompson made it clear that if Favre came back, he would be second string to  Aaron Rodgers.  Is that the same Aaron Rodgers that has never started an NFL game?  Why yes it is!  Is that the same Rodgers that was hurt 3 time including once in practice while wearing the red no contact jersey?  Of course it is!  Granted Rodgers looked good in the game at Dallas, but so did Brad Johnson. The Bills gave Johnson a big contract and he never was heard of again.  How is that Rodgers thing working out for you so far, Ted?

            2b Thompson has also said that in no case will Favre be released per the QB's request.  Why won't Thompson release him?  Because he doesn't want Favre coming back in Game 1 with the Vikings and beating the Packers on what was scheduled to be “Favre jersey retirement day!”  If Favre can't beat out Rodgers, what's the harm in letting him go where ever he wants?

            2c  Thompson is demanding a 1st round draft choice in exchange for Favre.  Even though Brett has not missed a game since high school, he won't get that high a choice for a player that old.  But I have some more news for Thompson.  After what has been a lack luster career, he wouldn't get a first round choice for Rodgers either.

            Conclusion: Thompson drafted Rodgers.  Rodgers has to prove he is a NFL quality starter before his contract runs out.  If he proves to be a bust, Thompson will be looking for work soon.  NFL stands for “Not For Long” if a coach fails to win early or for a GM if his high draft picks fail. 

            Second, the Packers are ready to win now with a quality QB.  While it is a very young team, the critical Packers leaders are within a couple of years of the end of a championship window. That group includes LT Clifton 32, RT Tauscher 31, CB Harris 34, and CB Woodson 31. You can bet that those player want Favre back because he gives the team the best chance to win.

            Can Thompson look at the fans of the Pack with a straight face and tell them that the team is better with Rodgers under center than Favre?  No.  But of course, that doesn't matter because the Pack has “moved on” and is going with the kid.  I predict that the first time Rodgers throws 3 picks in a game, the fans are going to be calling for Favre and Thompson's head on a stick, not necessarily in that order.

            Face it Ted—A Favre in the hand is worth 2 Rodgers in the bush.

That's what I think  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments section.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for http://BrutusReport.com.  He has also published several novels on http://ebooks-library.com/index.cfm and edits http://fryingpanpolitics.blog.com

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