OSU 43 Youngstown St. 0

OSU 43 Youngstown St. 0
Terrelle Pryor

OSU 43 Youngstown St. 0

Offensive Scouting Report: As usually is the case in a first game, the Bucks made some good some bad plays. Hopefully we didn't lose Wells by winning the game.

By Bill Smith


Our QB's got hit WAY too often. The O-line is supposed to be a strength of the team. Part of the problem is the pass blocking scheme. As we learned twice against the SEC teams in the National Championship game—a RB can not block a DE. An RB + TE can not block an All American DE. However, I didn't notice any future 1st round draft choices on the DL of Youngstown. Even so, we did a lousy job of protecting the QB. Youngstown was able to put consistent pressure on the passer. They put pressure on us with a 4 and 5 man rush. The 5 O-linemen should be able to handle that without a problem but we couldn't. That has to be fixed.

Todd Boeckman looked good. A couple of TD passes added some whipped cream to the effort. He is still inconsistent when throwing under pressure. He looks more like the QB that lead the nation in QB rating through the early season rather than the one that struggled in the last 3 game of 07.

Even against a heavy rush, he found a receiver and threw a catchable pass. Boeckman is not capable of great accuracy on the run. Given good protection, Boeckman will be fine. Without it, we are in trouble.

Terrelle Pryor looked very good. He looked like a 3rd year player that is ready to run the offense any time he gets the chance. His ability to run adds an exciting aspect to the offense. On his first pass he read blitz and changed the play to shorten the routes. He hit the slant despite the heavy rush. He has instincts that are born not developed. Hopefully we will see more creative calls on 1st and goal situations. The option would be a great addition.

Pryor's running is just spectacular. He runs the option holding the ball until the last second then throws a perfect toss to the RB. The QB draw for a TD was a beautiful effort. He is also special on naked boots to the opposite side of a fake sweep. There has to be a run/pass option that goes with that play.

Joe Bauserman has potential as well. He was cool in the pocket despite the rush.

Running backs:

Beanie Wells looked outstanding as usual. His combination of power and speed is unique. The 43 yard TD run was breath taking. He can make the first man miss. However, he can not make the second, third and fourth guy miss. We got stuffed on 1st and goal too many times. 3 times we saw the zone blocked iso-lead on 1st and goal. All three times we ended up kicking a field goal. We must get more physical. If we can't blow Youngstown off the line, what chance do we have to push USC around?

I have a problem with leaving Wells in for the 3rd quarter. A couple of times, we saw Youngstown players twist his legs on and after the tackle. He had no business being in there in the 3rd Quarter.

According to early reports the X-rays were negative. Even so, some of the most devastating injuries of the foot can be to the soft tissue. Let's hope he is not badly hurt.

Maurice Wells ran with a nasty attitude. He looked really good. I think he is a capable starter for most Big-10 games. I am not sure if he will be enough to beat USC.

The other backs looked OK but not great. Daniel Herron seems to have some potential and Brandon Saine is coming around. Saine was really effective at breaking tackles.


Brian Hartline and Brian Robiskie form one of the best sets of WR in the country. They played alright but must do a better job of recognizing a blitz and shortening routes when the D comes with it. With their size, a few completed short drag patterns would stop the inside blitz. They both use their big bodies very well at screening off the DB.

They are also not getting open like they should. Too often it takes a great effort to catch a ball against close coverage. Better pattern would help.

Ray Small's speed is a weapon. He is fun to watch every time he touches the ball. His 20 yard average on punt returns will give OSU some hidden yards that can be critical.

The TE's need to do a better job blocking on the run particularly sealing the edge on sweeps. They have seldom been a major factor in the passing game over the last couple of years. They have ability and should be used more.

Offensive line:

The line did not look good at all. Many of Boeckman's problems in the last 3 game last year were due to protection breakdowns. The line needs to get more physical. We have vet starters in all but the RT. Other than a critical penalty inside the red zone, Bryant Browning wasn't the problem. Alex Boone in particular struggled. We need the line to pick up the pace.

Special Teams:

The kickers did really well—and did it WAY too often. We did well blocking for FG but fizzled out in the red zone and had to depend on FG's.

KOff team did very well also. Several kicks were touchbacks and others were kept inside the 25 yard line.

Punt return team was able to put a lot of pressure on the punter. The Small returns were very good but a penalty called back his best return.

Play calling:

When OSU plays a team like Youngstown, there is no excuse for being forced to kick 5 field goals particularly 3 times when we were 1st and goal. We need to be much more diversified on calls in the red zone. If we can't push the D off the ball, we need to get more creative. Put Pryor in and let him have pass/run options.

A team that can't score TD's against Youngstown will really struggle against Wisconsin, Illinois and USC.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for http://BrutusReport.com. He has also published several novels on http://ebooks-library.com/index.cfm and edits http://fryingpanpolitics.blog.com

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