OSU beats Troy 28-10

OSU beats Troy 28-10

OSU beats Troy 28-10

My stream of consciousness during the game.

By Bill Smith

1 OSU 1st possession 40 yl – nice drive but OL was not protecting very well. 

            The TD pass went to a TE.  I wasn't sure we still knew we had one. 

            Pryor's TD pass a little high but it scored and that's what counts. 

            Overall this was one of the best drives we have seen this year.


1 Troy DL not getting much pressure at all.  On an out pattern, Wilson tipped the ball.


2 OSU 45 yl

            It’s only a screen pass if there is a screen.  That was a swing pass against a picture of the Troy D.


2nd Troy

            Run outside we made contact too far down field.

            Pen Jenkins continues the drive.

            Bubble screen played well by Hines & Jenkins

            Hines again plays off block and makes a nice open field tackle

3rd OSU

            Still not getting to second line on run blocks and O push at point of attack

            Pryor missed a wide open Robo down the middle

3 Troy

            Passing game taking advantage of zone.

            Nice blitz by Laurinaitis and good pressure by Gibson

            Good stop on 3rd.  Pressure better.

            OSU 7 Troy 3


4 OSU 38yl

            Reverse was in reverse.  It helps to block the outside.  Cordle missed the block on the pull.

            Boeckman missed open receiver but it is not reasonable to expect him to come into the game cold and hit a medium pass.

            Pryor moved to avoid outside pressure (again) and got the pass complete but Robo had stepped out of bounds.  Must have more awareness than that.  Another 3 and OUT for the Bucks.


4 Troy 25

            Good blitz on 4 yd completion

            3rd down Great play on the pick pocket by Coleman.


5 OSU Troy 37

            NO PUSH on OL. 

            Pen Hartline puts ball at the O 49

            Screen worked better than the first one.

            Pryor continued to look down field despite the pressure and threw a great 39 y TD to a wide open Hartline!

            This play indicated the progress that Pryor has made.  The fact that he looked to pass and not to run on 3rd and long is a great sign.  OSU 14 Troy 3


5 Troy 22 yl

            1st down Q draw we tackled too far down field.

            2nd 1 great pressure both inside and outside.

            They got out on the bubble screen and got the first.

            Worthington took care of the counter.

            Out pass on 2nd 10 we missed tackles.

            Coleman's GREAT tackle prevented the 1st down.  Chekwa was right there too.


6 OSU 30yl

            Pryor run on 1st caused by failure of RT to block rusher.

            2nd run fails to move ball but Troy helped and it wasn't much of a grab.  We just are not getting any push or contain on our run blocking.

            3rd 8 penalty again due to lack concentration.  We have to do better.


6 Troy 20 yl

            Covered 1st pass well

            Stopped sweep for 4

            Deep crossing pattern laid open the 2 deep for a completion to mid field.

            45 yard TD pass.  The field was littered with missed tackles.  80 yard drive in 1:45.  Very efficient series.  OSU 14 Troy 10


7 OSU 20 yl 1:49 left

            The QB draw works better if the line can get open field blocks.

            Great option run by Pryor

            1st Pryor holds the ball as long as he can and only then checks down to TE in flat.

            Draw play after TO?  Not a great call.

            Really bad decision and worse pass blocking against a 4 man rush yielded the sack 17 yards lost.

            Great arm put the ball down into the end zone but it was intercepted.


            Half time stats—we allowed 146 yards passing.  That will not work against Big 10 teams.



Troy 7 15 yl

            Harris right up the gut for 1st at OSU 37.  Their blockers are getting to the second level.

            The pace of the Trojans was getting to the Buck D.

            Great int by Coleman.  Saved the Bucks---you know.


8 OSU 7yl

            Herron has a couple of nice runs.  The blocking on the line getting better but we still are not getting the 2nd level.  1st down on the face mask.

            Pryor on option to wide side had bad spacing.  The RB was too close to the QB.


8 Troy 6 yl

            Troy gets the 1st running.

            QB breaks contain and gets 5 yards.

            Even in a blitz no effective pressure 1st at the 36

            The Bucks are out of gas.

            Harris breaks 2 tackles and gets to the 50.

            Run up the gut is working as they are pulling off side linemen and getting into the hole to make the block.

            Only a motion penalty saved the Bucks.  4th and 7 at the 50.


9 OSU 20 yl The Bucks need a long and painful drive on the ground for a TD.

            Herron gets 8 after we pull the guard and get the block on a LB!

            But the drive stalls and forces a punt.


9 Troy 2 yl

            Almost got the D play of the year an int in the end zone.

            The Bucks got a 3 and out.  Well done.  Troy was still 3-9 in 3rd down conversions.


10 OSU Troy 37.

            Run on 1st down is stuffed.

            Pryor 38 yd TD pass hung up but was right on target.  Robo got it for a TD!

            OSU 21 Troy 10


10 Troy 31 yl

            Hampton's QB draw was wide open.  There was not an OSU D-lineman in the same area code.

            Gibson ends the pass attempt.  He got off the block and got the sack.

            Worthington pulls the RB down for another loss.  3 and out after an OSU TD is outstanding.

            Pryor is the 1st OSU freshman QB to throw for 3 TD's in a game since Schlister.


11 OSU AT 32

            Pryor runs for 9.  Amazing how the passing game opens up the run.

            Herron got the 1st down just.  Again, very little movement created by the O-line.

            Browning comes out to get the lb but misses.  Herron gets 5.

            Herron shows a great deal of awareness by faking out tackler behind a blocker then getting past the tackle.

            Pryor stares down the TE and almost causes a turnover.

            Saine gets very little on 2nd .  OSU 2 OF 8 3rd downs converted.

            Small on the reverse is stopped for a loss.  OSU 2 of 9 on 3rd downs.

            Lane does a great job of getting down to catch the punt dead at the 4.

            Trapasso is second only to Pryor as the MVP of the game.  That is not a good thing.


11 Troy 4 yl

            2nd down pass caught at 9.  The Bucks are not keeping contain.  Had they done that, it would have been a sack and safety.

            Bucks get a break as the play design of Troy had the QB rolling right to throw.  Inc.  3 AND OUT followed by a 17 yard punt.


12 OSU Troy 27

            Pryor shows great calm by drifting out of the pocket despite a DL chasing him and completing the pass.

            After a run, its 3rd and 1.  Pryor sneaks for the 1st

            Beautiful TD pass, the 4th by Pryor makes the score 28-10.  New OSU Freshman record.


12 Troy 18

            Gibson gets pressure and forced an incompletion.

            The Bucks put in their reserves on D.  The 2nd D is playing a little too loose as OSU gives up a 1st down on a pass on the move to the 30.  Only a hold penalty stops the Trojans.


13 OSU 25

            Bauserman comes in at QB with the 2nd O.  Herron gets 94 yards in 20 carries.  Final 28-10



Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for http://BrutusReport.com.  He has also published several novels on http://ebooks-library.com/index.cfm and edits http://fryingpanpolitics.blog.com

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