Ohio State May Be Ineligible for the Big Ten Championship Game

Ohio State May Be Ineligible for the Big Ten Championship Game

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When Ohio State and Jim Tressel meet with the NCAA August 12th and a verdict is made on Jim Tressel’s violation for not being open about player violations during last season, the Buckeyes may face post-season bans similar to USC. And following a Pac-10 example, the Scarlet and Gray may be ineligible for the first Big Ten championship game to be played in Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis at the end of the 2011 season.

By Steve Patterson

"The next step will play out over the next few months between the institution and the NCAA," Commissioner Delany said yesterday. "Facts will be developed. There will be a lot of hard questions for Ohio State." So the final verdict has not been made but allowing the Buckeyes to play in and possible win the Big Ten Championship game with them not being able to represent the conference in post-season play is not logical.

Delany did state that he is disappointed and surprised by the events in Columbus lately. And wants programs in the Big Ten to continue to pass information about violations to the appropriate bodies as the league has suggested consistently in the past.

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