Ohio State's Offensive Juggernaut Could See Them Take Big 10 Title

Ohio State's Offensive Juggernaut Could See Them Take Big 10 Title
'Michigan State' type logo used in t...

"Michigan State" type logo used in the MSU Spartans football jerseys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohio State's Offensive Juggernaut Could See Them Take Big 10 Title

The forthcoming Big 10 Title match-up between Ohio State and Michigan State should have all fans of college football salivating.

This is a game where the theory of immovable object meeting irresistible force will be tested. Ohio are an offensive power like no other at the moment. They average 48.2 points per game in 2013, making them the third-ranked team in the USA. That scoring rate is complemented by the formidable yardage that they rack up too. They have rushed for more yards, and have a higher rushing average, than any other team in the competition.

That kind of assessment might trouble fans of any other team, but Michigan State supporters have their own intimidating stats bank on which to draw for inspiration. The Spartans lead the nation in terms of their rushing defense, conceding a meager 64.75 yards per game - 18 yards less than their nearest challengers.

Their total defense is ranked at number one in the nation, and their average points conceded per game is just under a measly 12 points per game, the fourth best in the FBS. This defensive colossus will surely find some answers to the offensive questions posed by the Buckeyes. This clash of footballing philosophies really is a mouth-watering encounter for the sport's purists.

This Ohio State versus Michigan State clash for the Big 10 title could well be a classic. Fans of both teams, as well as neutrals who simply love football, will want to make sure that they get their hands on some tickets.

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