Big 33 Game Report

Big 33 Game Report
Big 33

Big 33 Game Report

The OSU recruits play well but Ohio lost to Pennsylvania 31-16.

By Bill Smith


            The bad news for Ohio fans was that the offensive line was totally incapable of protecting the quarterback.  The good news for Ohio State fans is that none of the O-linemen are OSU recruits.  The Ohio team was plagued by bad field position all night.  Pennsylvania had 2 good drives for scores.  The first one was a passing attack that moved the ball with the assistance of one long pass and a 30 yard penalty.  The last one was a single 73 yard TD pass. 

            Pennsylvania also scored a TD after recovering a blocked punt due to a bad snap on Ohio's 1 yard line.  Two interceptions by Pittsburgh recruit Jarred Holley ended two threats by Ohio.  One occurred in the end zone.  The running game of Ohio was stymied for most of the first half and then was abandoned when the score got to 24-0.

OSU Offense Participants

            WR Taylor Rice 11 scouting pointsA sneaky wide out that became the goto guy in the game for Ohio.  He has remarkable body and foot control and runs crisp patterns.  He gets open by understanding coverage and quick feet.  He caught the only TD pass for Ohio.  He also made a critical 4th down catch that kept a TD drive alive.  He has good moves after the catch and blocks downfield on the run.  He will be fun to watch in Scarlet and Gray.

            TE Nic DiLillo 2 scouting points– Didn't get much action because he had to stay in to protect the passer.  He had one catch in a real crowd and showed good hands and good effort after the catch.  He is a decent in line blocker but did whiff on a blitz that caused a sack.

            QB Terrelle Pryor was originally scheduled to play but did not.

OSU Defense Participants

            DE Nathan Williams 28 scouting points—Williams was all over the field.  The average score for a linebacker/de is 6 and that indicates how active he was.  He was double teamed all night but that didn't seem to bother him at all.  He got 4 qb hurries one of which caused the only Ohio interception.  He shows great effort regularly running down a play from the back side.  His speed is very good and he runs under control allowing him to make tackles in open field.  He can work as a down lineman or up as an outside backer.  He has great timing to his blitz and tosses away running backs blocks with ease.

            DT Shawntel Rowell 19 scouting points—Rowell stuck out as the best interior lineman on the Ohio team.  I was particularly impressed with the number of times the run or pass went down field an he got in on the tackle.  He has an outstanding motor and good speed.  He has a ball sense that helps him stay active in a play when it goes away from him.  Because he was almost always double teamed, he got only ½ sack but opened the way for others like Williams to make plays in the backfield.  My one criticism is that he plays a little high which allows the O-line to get to his body with their hands.  That keeps him from getting the full benefit of his strength and causes him to have some trouble separating from the blocker.

Special Teams

            K/P Ben Buchanan – Buchanan averaged 38 yards per punt excluding the block which was caused a bad snap and no blocking.   He also had a field goal blocked by an untouched defender coming off the edge.  His first punt was 48 yards and rolled dead on the 7 and he hit a 47 yard field goal.

Impressive Non-OSU Recruits

            Ohio –
            Isaiah Pead RB Pittsburgh—13 scouting points
            Mark Wedderburn DE Penn St.—17 points
            Jarred Holley CB Pittsburgh—20 points
            Adrian Robinson DE No college listed—20 points

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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