Running-back Brandon Saine Reps at Fullback

Running-back Brandon Saine Reps at Fullback
Brandon Saine USC 2008

Running-back Brandon Saine Reps at Fullback

Sophomore tailback Brandon Saine has been on the field in a full-back role for the Ohio State Buckeyes this year although he was brought in as a featured tailback to follow Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells. Head Coach Jim Tressel said at his weekly press conference that Saine not only is playing on special teams and in the slot as a receiver, but also at fullback quite often.

By Steve Patterson

Slot Success

            Saine is in his second year with the Buckeyes and has battled some injuries this year but has been able to get open in space from the slot position a number of times for first downs. Having the versatile athlete in the fullback position provides Ohio State with a talented one-two punch when combined with Chris Wells or Daniel Herron Coach Tressel feels. “Brandon's been evolving more into playing the fullback positions and slot positions and some slot things. We think that he can do some of the things that a fullback needs to do.” He said this week at his Tuesday press conference.

Fullback In the I-Formation

            You might think the needed blocking of a fullback would be lacking in Saine, but according to Coach Tressel that is not the case. “And so his evolution really is finding ways to get on the field. He's on some special teams and so what you hope is that he's the kind of guy that can be on the field 25 plus plays a game because he can do a lot of different things and he is a threat as a pass receiver but yet I also think it's not like you can say, well he's in at fullback and they can't run their "I" formation stuff, because I think we can.”

Mr. Football

            Saine was Mr. Football in Ohio his senior year at Piqua when he ran for 1,895 yards and 27 touchdowns. Leading his team to a Division II state championship in 2006, he was the 2nd best overall player in Ohio coming out of high school. With great speed (4.35) and strength, he is able to play a number of different positions and create match-up problems for both linebackers and safties.
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