Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Sitting Five Games

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Sitting Five Games

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Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Sitting Five Games

Since The NCAA upheld five player's penalty, the coach of Ohio State will now share the same suspension.
While it may not be known what is leading Ohio State coach Jim Tressel to ask for a 5 game suspension, it was mentioned last night by the coach that he would like to partake in the longer suspension that five of the players now face after violating NCAA rules.

In response to the request, Ohio State stated that it was going to grant Tressel's request for the extension of the suspension. This came just minutes after the NCAA decided that the appeal of the players was unfounded and they would serve a five-game suspension. They had sought a shorter suspension due to circumstances.
The players, who are all seniors next season, obtained discount rates on tattoos from a tattoo parlor owner. Those discounts were made in exchange for memorabilia in violation of the NCAA rules. News of the issue came when the Tattoo parlor was raided late last year and the Ohio State items discovered.
Tressel was first penalized by Ohio State two games because of a tip that he received on two of the players actions at some point in April. Tressel decided that he would keep the information private and even failed to mention the emails after the violations came to the forefront in December. By doing so he broke NCAA Bylaw 10.1 in which a coach or administrator is supposed to report any violations promptly.  
Earlier this month it was decided that Tressel would be suspended for two games and would have to pay a hefty fine, $250,000. However, critics from all over said the suspension was light compared to that of the players and the possible termination that is allowed in his contract.
If Tressel had maintained just a two game suspension he would have missed games against Akron and Toledo. Now with the extended suspension he will miss games that have greater importance including the Big Ten opener against the Michigan State Spartans. The interim coach has not be announced yet and according to the terms of the suspension Tressel cannot speak with the players or coaches or be in the stadium on game day.  
Ohio State actually found the e-mails during a routine systems sweep while getting ready to help with the players' appeal. On handing out the first sanctions AD Gene Smith said the administrator was not to hard nor to soft on coach Jim Tressel. His fine remains the same at this time.
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