Ohio State News Nationally: Supplement Draft, NFL Teams, and Michigan Wins?

Ohio State News Nationally: Supplement Draft, NFL Teams, and Michigan Wins?
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Ohio State News Nationally: Supplement Draft, NFL Teams, and Michigan Wins?

In news from around the nation, there are some curious stories about the current situation that are interesting, funny, and just not right. I will let you decide which category these articles are a part of. 1) Terrelle Pryor entering the Supplemental Draft from Sports xChange. 2) The Bleacher Report taking the draft rumors one step further with 5 teams that would draft Pryor. 3) And finally, AnnArbor.com feeling that losing Pryor to Ohio State ended up largely in their favor.

By Steve Patterson

Len Pasquarelli from the Sports xChange believes that Terrelle Pryor will enter the 2011 NFL Supplemental  Draft as rumored a while back, prior to Jim Tressel resigning. He also believes that the other suspended players, Mike Adams, DeVier Posey, Salomon Thomas and Boom Herron will be leaving. The NFL has not set a date for the draft but is planning to hold one this year. Here is the story:

Some Suspended OSU Buckeyes May Now Consider Supplemental Draft

The Bleacher Report dug into the current rosters of NFL teams to find teams that would draft Pryor in a 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft because of need. Seattle, Miami, the 49ers, Oakland, and Washington. The only two extremely desperate teams are Seattle, if Hasselbeck is not resigned, and Miami who play Chad Henne mostly last season.

Terrelle Pryor: 5 Teams That Might Be Interested in the Supplemental Draft

Michael Rothenstein writes that losing Pryor to Ohio State made Rich Rodriguez’s time at Michigan short, which is long-term a good thing. And at the same time ended Jim Tressel’s time in Columbus early, also a good thing for the Wolverines. So when Pyror selection the Scarlet and Gray in March of 2008 he was shifting the rivalry back to Michigan, maybe not in the short-term but definitely in the long-term. Here’s the chicken scratch:

Terrelle Pryor's recruiting decision ends up a good thing for Michigan football

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