Give Em What They Want: Tebow as Starting Quarterback

Give Em What They Want: Tebow as Starting Quarterback
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Give Em What They Want: Tebow as Starting Quarterback

Broncos fans and Tebow fans alike felt the renewed energy of the team when Tim Tebow replaced Kyle Orton during their game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday, and cheered him all the way through their near victory at 29-24. If it wasn’t clear during the last season and even during the startling loss against Green Bay in week 4, it’s clear now: the fans want Tebow, and now is the perfect time to give him a shot as starter.

“I’m a huge Tebow fan,” Dr. Andrew Hall, a dentist in Colorado Springs and University of Florida alum comments. “His being in Denver is an interesting dynamic and who knows how it’s going to play out.” Dr. Hall has known of Tebow’s skills much longer than many native Bronco fans, and can remember his big win of the Heisman Trophy during Tebow’s college reign.

“Everybody knew who he was in the state of Florida,” Dr. Hall recalls. “They knew his recruitment really well, knew that he could have gone to either Alabama or Florida for college very easily so when he came to Florida he was a rock star the first day he showed up.”

Tim Tebow was a star quarterback beginning in his high school days running up through his stint as a Gator, and during his short time in the NFL fans have been lobbying for his chance at the front lines, leading to his three starts to close out last season and his rejuvenating actions for the offense against the Chargers. Fans are continuing to hold strong for the upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins after the bye week, during which Tebow will be the starting quarterback for the Broncos.

“Tebow is one of those guys that people are intrigued by. He comes to the NFL and sells more jerseys than any other rookie,” Dr. Hall says. “He has that magnetic personality. People either love him or hate him, but I think that by far the vast majority of people love him.”

The love for this second string quarterback has propelled Tebow well past Orton in popularity, and the energy and drive he displays seems to pick the Broncos offense up off of the ground and into the end zone. The fans know what they want, and Broncos head coach John Fox is finally in agreement. It’s Tebow time in Denver!

Shanna Laub writes for e-Marketing Partner.   Dr. Andrew Hall is a Florida Gators fan and provides dental implants in Colorado Springs.

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