More Disturbing News On Penn State Jerry Sandusky Investigation

More Disturbing News On Penn State Jerry Sandusky Investigation
Jerry Sandusky, right, the former Penn State d...

Jerry Sandusky, right, the former Penn State defensive coordinator -- Until now, the Big Ten university had one of the most sterling images in college athletics (November 5, 2011) .... (Photo credit: marsmet551)

More Disturbing News On Penn State Jerry Sandusky Investigation

In the latest Penn state, Jerry Sandusky news a  267 page report prepared by a private investigation company reveals that top administrators at the university failed repeatedly in protecting boys being victimized by Sandusky. The lead investigator on the team,  former FBI director Louis Freeh, reported that the university had apparently been more concerned about public relations than the welfare of the children who were abused and that their top officials made many attempts to keep Sandusky from being reported to child welfare authorities.

Former coach Sandusky was already convicted of 45 criminal counts involving the sexual molestation of ten boys over a 14 year period. The Penn state administration claimed that university officials had been unaware of what jerry Sandusky was doing. This new report makes clear that numerous officials at Penn state were in fact aware and engaged in a cover up of the crimes.

The report on the Penn state scandal names Spanier, Paterno, Schults and Curley as others who had knowledge during the jerry Sandusky incidents who did not take action in protecting the victims. Curley and Schultz are waiting for a trial where they have been charged with lying to the Grand Jury. Meanwhile, jerry Sandusky is waiting for sentencing where he is likely to receive 60 years in prison for his crimes.

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