Ohio State QB Cordale Jones Thinks Classes are Pointless

Ohio State QB Cordale Jones Thinks Classes are Pointless

Cordale Jones Ohio State

Ohio State QB Cordale Jones Thinks Classes are Pointless

In a tweet on Friday, third string freshman quarterback Cordale Jones wrote that classes are pointless for student-athletes that participate in football. "Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS," he tweeted. Since the tweet the account has been deleted but the wide-spread public disbelief is still active.

How could a student athlete at a major program that has such a small chance of ever playing football in the NFL possibly think that attending classes and getting a free degree is pointless? 

Ohio State responded quickly to the tweet with a Friday night statement. The statement began with an explanation of Ohio State’s social media policy, which allows players to have accounts. The university also does some education according to the statement so that athletes don’t make stupid statements, if Jones was paying attention during the social media discussion.

Jones signed with the Buckeyes for the 2011 class but needed an extra year which he spent at the Fork Union Military Academy before enrolling. Two other current players also attended the school including running back Carlos Hyde and wide receiver Michael Thomas. Jones was considered the 12th best prep school player in the country entering 2012.

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