Ohio State Baseball 2014 Preview

Ohio State Baseball 2014 Preview
Bill Davis Stadium on the campus of The Ohio S...

Bill Davis Stadium on the campus of The Ohio State University. Self made photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohio State Baseball 2014 Preview

Ohio State has had a rough few years when it comes to baseball. The team is now in its longest absence from championship contention, and a tough schedule has placed the team further back in the pack than it has been in years past. Understanding 2014 means understanding what went wrong in 2013.

Ohio State baseball wasn't in great form in 2013, owing both to a tough schedule and a bit of bad luck. The team continued its four year absence from NCAA Baseball Championship tournament, with a win-loss record that simply kept the team out of the spotlight. While still finishing the year with a winning record, the hectic pace of the 2013 season left Ohio State still below the top of the pack - an issue that will certainly have the team returning to the batting cages with a vengeance as they begin to approach the 2014 baseball season.

Most of Ohio State's future hopes rest on Coach Beals' staff finally finding its coaching groove, hopefully helped along by the presence of eleven new recruits. 2014's baseball season should be at least a bit less oppressive than 2013, though quite a bit will be resting on the shoulders of the new players as the season begins. As veteran players return and the lineup goes through a shaky reboot, it is tough to say exactly how the Buckeyes will fare in early season play. What is certain, though, is that the lack of a tournament bid in 2013 should keep the team motivated to find success.

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