Devin Smith Is Projected As a First Round NFL Selection

Devin Smith Is Projected As a First Round NFL Selection


Devin Smith finished the season with a team high 931 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns and is now being considered a first round pick in the Spring NFL draft. Always the big player receiver, he really caught fire against Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship, catching 3 touchdowns on 4 passes for 137 yards. Cardale Jones was starting for the first time and having Smith out there catching big touchdowns, made his work a lot easier. Smith is now at the NFL combine and is having a hard time believing how high he has moved up the board for a number of teams.

Scouts like his ability to catch deep pass and adjust to the ball down the field. A lot of comes down to how he performs at the combine. He is working hard getting ready for all the events. The pass catching drills will be important in addition to the 40 yard dash, were he hopes to come in under 4.4 seconds. He has been practicing his pass routes so he can demonstrate that he is skilled at all routes in addition to the go route.

The NFL Combine is on the NFL Network starting today through the weekend. The NFL draft takes place April 30th through May 2nd and will be on ESPN and the NFL Network.

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