Alex Grinch: Ohio State Adds Another Coach To The Staff

Alex Grinch: Ohio State Adds Another Coach To The Staff


Ohio State University is pleased to announce the addition of defensive coach Alex Grinch. Most recently, Grinch has been the defensive coordinator and secondary coach at Washington State University. It had been talked about for a little while now, but much like the Raiders with Jon Gruden, they waited to make it official.

The Ohio State University Athletics Department made an announcement Monday afternoon stating that Grinch will be joining the team, but did not divulge what his exact role will be on the coaching staff.

Grinch will be coming home to roost with the Buckeyes. He grew up in Grove City, and also matriculated at Mount Union. He was a part of three National Championship teams and went 54-1 during that time. The fans will have something to be excited about watching what Grinch can do for the young men on the team.

The past fifteen years Grinch has been a part of Missouri, Wyoming, and New Hampshire. As a secondary assistant he had the opportunity to coach with UCLA coach Chip Kelly who was then the defensive coordinator.

After his time at New Hampshire, Grinch left for Washington State to become the defensive coordinator along with the secondary coach. In his time with Washington he was able to make the defense a turnover machine. In the last two seasons there his defense amassed 51 turnovers and helped get their team to the Holiday Bowl twice. They lost both times, but considering that they had a struggle to get to the bowl games at all it was only going to be a matter of time before they started to win some. Certainly Ohio State has improved their staff with this great signing.

Alex Grinch To Be Named OSU Co-Defensive Coordinator

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