Guard CJ Walker Visits The Buckeyes

Guard CJ Walker Visits The Buckeyes


CJ Walker, who is a transfer from Florida State, will go to Ohio State at the weekend, according to reports.

The crew headed by Chris Holtmann will welcome the Seminole former guard.

Now that their initial season as Buckeyes leaders is out of the way, Holtmann - along with the coaching team at Ohio State - has been working hard to contact several transfer prospects who are available.

Jon Rothstein, from CBS Sports, reports that Holtmann and Co will soon get the opportunity to show college basketball's top guard transfer what he could expect if he became a student/athlete for the Buckeyes.

Rothstein writes that the Buckeyes are welcoming CJ Walker, the former point guard for Florida State, on campus at the weekend.

Fresh from his campaign as a sophomore, where he averaged two assists and eight points per match as a Seminole starter, Walker will take a break from this forthcoming college basketball season, prior to returning in 2019 as a junior redshirt.

Holtmann knows all too well what Walker is capable of. The four star prospect from the 2016 class received offers from Illinois, Butler (when Holtmann was the coach there), Penn State, Purdue and Cincinnati - to name but a few, before opting to visit the University of Florida State.

Ohio State is not the sole Big Ten team to show an interest in the 195 pound, six foot 1 inch lead guard. Other teams, like Indiana, have been trying to tempt the prospect to the Midwest, according to some reports.

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