Ohio State Has 2nd Game Cancelled of the Season Today

Ohio State Has 2nd Game Cancelled of the Season Today


Ohio State has found it necessary to cancel their game today against the Fighting Illini as a number of players and staff tested positive for Covid-19 including head coach Ryan Day. A number of players tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday but the team was moving forward with Thanksgiving day practices, hoping to still play. When Ryan Day also tested positive during a new round of PCR tests on Friday and Larry Johnson was named interim head coach, fans become really nervous. And later that day the Buckeyes cancelled the game.

Big Ten Championship In Question

This is the second game of the season the team (now 4-0) has not played as Maryland cancelled an earlier game. In a traditional season, this would have been Michigan game weekend and the final game of the season. After the late start, the team is playing a shortened season with two games remaining, Michigan State and Michigan. After the final game of the regular season there will be a Big 10 championship match in Indianapolis but Ohio State might not be eligible if they do not play six games in total.

Virus Affects Us All

The virus is hitting many hard with loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, illness, loss of business, and loss of regular life events like Big 10 football and championship runs. Hopefully the Buckeyes will quickly recover and be able to complete their season and support the work they have done so far with games in the league title game and national title playoffs.

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