Duane Washington Jr's Departure From The Buckeyes

Duane Washington Jr's Departure From The Buckeyes


Duane Washington Jr has declared that he is planning on leaving Ohio State for the NBA Draft effective immediately. All Ohio State basketball fans are waiting to see where Duane Washington Jr will get drafted or will he be an international star like David Lighty. He would have been a senior next season at Ohio State. Take a look at his career in the basketball program and prospects to decide for yourself if you will be a first-round pick:

Duane Washington Jr's College Stats

From the moment he put on a Buckeyes jersey, Duane has been beloved by Ohio fans across the state and country. Now, it's time to look at Duane Washington Jr's stats to see if he has lived up to the hype. For a basketball player, threat and versatility, it's Duane Washington Jr that decides the outcome of the game. Duane Jr stands at 6-3 and 210 pounds with tremendous physical tools that were developed during his prime playing days in high school basketball. He played three years at Ohio State with his minutes per game increasing each year along with his average points per game, 7 in 2018 to 16.4 in 2020. His assists per game steadily rose from 1.1 as a freshman to 2.9 in his 3rd year. He was also able to grab more rebounds per game, finishing with 3.4 a game as a Junior.

Chances of Being a First-Round Pick For Duane Washington Jr

You've heard about the massive transformation that Duane Washington Jr. is implementing with his basketball game. He shot 41.0% from the field last year and was the the most consistent player for Chris Holtmann as a junior. And with an incredibly athletic build and high basketball IQ---Washington could be a devastating scorer for any team that drafts him. Therefore, it is likely that teams that are rebuilding their bench will sign him in the upcoming draft. If teams do pass on him in the second round, you can be sure to see him on a NBA G league roster next year.

How Wise Was It For Duane Washington Jr To Declare for the draft

It is not every day a player leaves the school in the midst of his final year of eligibility. When Duane Washington Jr originally committed to Ohio State, there was a big celebration by Buckeye fans. He also posed for pictures next to a poster of himself wearing an Ohio State jersey. This then led him to work out with his future teammates, including Keita Bates Diop and C.J. Jackson. Recently he made himself eligible for the NBA draft but still leave open the possibility of returning to the Buckeyes. But late June saw him take the final step and remain in the draft ending his college career.

Scouts feel that he is an above average athlete that sometimes takes questionable shots. That he is a good shooter and excellent from the foul line but does not tend to draw fouls. He handles the ball well but did not produce the assists they would like to see in a college guard. And that he is good at defensive but could improve his focus and rebounding.

Now, all we can do is wait and see what happens with the NBA draft to see where Duane goes next.

Duane Washington Jr is NBA bound

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