Ohio State Football Lands Top Defensive Tackle Transfer Tywone Malone

Ohio State Football Lands Top Defensive Tackle Transfer Tywone Malone

Ohio State Football has secured a major transfer in defensive tackle Tywone Malone. Learn more about this exciting addition to the team!

Ohio State Football has just made a big move by adding defensive tackle Tywone Malone to their roster. This transfer is sure to bring some serious talent to the team, and fans are excited to see what he can do on the field. Learn more about this exciting addition to Ohio State Football.

Moving from Ole Miss On Tuesday, Tywone Malone tweeted that he has committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Tywone Malone, a former Ole Miss Rebel who elected to transfer in April, has developed into one of the more well-liked athletes on the NCAA Transfer Portal. And now he has a new residence.


Who is Tywone Malone?

Tywone Malone, a defensive tackle in high demand, just made the switch to Ohio State Football. In the end, he chose to play for the Buckeyes despite having previously committed to the University of Texas. One of the best defensive tackles in the nation, Malone is a four-star prospect. He is well-known for his stature, strength, and quickness on the field, and Ohio State anticipates him to have a significant effect this year.

Malone traveled to Columbus the weekend before the NFL Draft alongside other transfer candidates Josh Simmons and Lorenzo Styles Jr., both of whom made commitments to the Ohio State Buckeyes that same weekend. Before electing to join Larry Johnson's defensive line room with the Buckeyes, Malone traveled to Miami.

What are his stats and accomplishments?

Defensive tackle Tywone Malone is a highly skilled player with outstanding statistics and accomplishments. With a height of 6'4" and a weight of 300 pounds, he dominates the field. He was a two-sport standout in high school, excelling in baseball and football. In addition to becoming a member of the USA Today All-USA High School Football Team, he was named the New York State Gatorade Football Player of the Year in 2020. Fans are anxiously expecting Malone's field debut as they believe he will have a significant influence for Ohio State this season.

How will he contribute to Ohio State Football?

The defensive line of Ohio State Football is anticipated to be significantly affected by Tywone Malone's recruitment. His size, strength, and quickness provide him the chance to make important tackles and dismantle opposing offenses. His stellar high school record and achievements also imply that he have the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in college. The public is eager to see what role Malone will play in the team's success this season.

The Buckeyes recruited former Rebels defensive tackle Tywone Malone in January, becoming the program's sixth addition through the transfer portal before the 2023 season, following the recruitment of Ole Miss cornerback Davison Igbinosun.

What are the expectations for the team with Malone on board?

Coach of the defensive line for the Ohio State Buckeyes Larry Johnson is well known for rotating a lot of players on the front four throughout a game, and he just added another item to his rotation. Tywone Malone, a former defensive tackle for Ole Miss, increases the depth of Ohio State's interior defensive line and has potential to add more.

Expectations are high for the defensive line of the Ohio State football team now that Tywone Malone has joined the squad. Malone is a powerful force on the field because to his size, strength, and agility, and his stellar high school record shows that he has the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in college. The squad's supporters are hoping that Malone will make significant tackles, disrupt opposing offenses, and ultimately help the team win this season.

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