Pat Muldoon, It’s all in the Family

Pat Muldoon, It’s all in the Family

Pat Muldoon

Pat Muldoon, It’s all in the Family

St Xavier's Pat Muldoon recently received an offer as a defensive end for the quickly filling 2009 Buckeye recruiting class. Muldoon is unique in that he has friends and family already in the program.

By Steve Patterson

    Pat Muldoon had a great junior season with Cincinnati St Xavier as they went undefeated and graded the Division One State Championship. We asked Muldoon about the friendships that he has within the Buckeye program that recently offered him a scholarship. “I haven't met anyone currently committed to OSU but have met Corey Linsley who has been offered by them. (Linsley committed to the team the night after we spoke with Muldoon) From the team I've met Steve Rehring because he rooms with my brother and obviously have met Ryan Lukens because he is my cousin.” He informed us about his family ties.

    One important factor in Muldoon selecting a college will be the team’s ability to win a national championship. “The quality of the recruiting class is pretty important to me because I want to win championships.”

    Currently he does not have any more visits planned he reported to us. “I have yet to plan any upcoming visits.” But he is working hard for his coming senior year. “Right now we are lifting three days a week and doing speed work but I also work out 2-3 days a week and do speed work 1-2 days a week on top of that.”

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