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Big Ten Network Deals with Comcast
Big Ten Network

Big Ten Network Deals with Comcast

Comcast and the Big Ten Network have come to an agreement which will allow the Network access to the millions of subscribers this coming college football season. Time Warner and the Big Ten Network have yet to work anything out, leaving much of Ohio without the network when the season begins.

Big Ten Network is Legit?

            Under the agreement between the two parties, Comcast subscribers will have access to the network on an expanded basic service this year with access on a digital level next season. Also included in the deal are other forms of transmission including the Internet and Video-on Demand. Comcast has service in seven of the eight states with Big Ten teams, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Gene Smith

Gene Smith, Ohio State Director of Athletics, in a statement said that he hopes Time Warner is willing to deal with the network in a similar fashion. “We are delighted Comcast is the latest entity to carry Big Ten Network programming,” Smith said. “We feel hopeful this development will lead to better negotiations with Time Warner Cable. The partnership with Comcast demonstrates the Big Ten is flexible in trying to provide our fans with high quality programming from the 11 campuses.”

Ohio State fans will continue to be left out until Time Warner does deal with the network. Time Warner is sure to negotiate a better deal than Comcast as Ohio State fans are the biggest group and the most coveted members of the network’s potential audience.
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