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The Ohio State women's 2024 basketball team has secured the Big Ten regular season championship, finishing a season marked by resilience and dominance. This title is the program's first outright regular season championship since 2010. They pulled it off and are now the Big Ten champs! It's like, totally official. If you thought this team was done serving up awesome basketball moments, well, you were wrong.


A Season of Resilience

This achievement follows a challenging journey characterized by close contests, clutch moments, and unexpected turns. However, Head Coach Kevin McGuff's team persevered, leaving their opponents behind and etching their names in program history.

Jacy Sheldon: A Leading Force

Jacy Sheldon was straight-up fire this season. She was dropping three-pointers like it was nothing, and her moves left defenders in the dust. Her 22-point game against Michigan basically sealed the deal for the championship – total legend status.

Undefeated in the New Year

The new year brought a whole new level for the Buckeyes. They've been absolutely crushing it since January, winning 15 games straight! Talk about momentum. Their last loss was way back in December, and they haven't looked back since.

Securing the Title

With the regular season concluding, the Buckeyes have established an unassailable lead in the Big Ten conference standings. Their victory effectively shuts the door on any remaining challengers, leaving rivals like Iowa and Indiana to witness their triumph. This accomplishment is met with resounding cheers and the iconic "O-H-I-O!" chant echoing within the Schottenstein Center.

National Recognition

Their awesome play didn't go unnoticed. They're killing it with a 25-3 record and a sweet spot at number two in the AP Poll. The whole country's got their eyes on Columbus right now, and the Buckeyes are ready to shine.

Looking Forward

The quest for glory continues as the Buckeyes set their sights on the postseason. Their ambition extends beyond the conference championship, as they strive for a deep run in the NCAA tournament. The basketball world should brace itself for the arrival of a hungry and determined Ohio State team, poised to make a significant mark in March Madness.

A Toast to the Champions

Here's to the Ohio State women's basketball team – a bunch of total badasses who just showed everyone what they've got. They broke records, made history, and never stopped fighting. Let's hope they keep those sneakers squeaking and those shots falling!

2/29/2024 7:23:10 PM
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Hold onto your scarlet and gray, Buckeye Nation, because the news just hit like a J.T. Barrett option run: Chip Kelly is our new offensive coordinator! Forget Bill O'Brien's brief stint in Columbus, this is the ultimate plot twist no one saw coming.


That's right, folks, the innovative, fast-paced mind that led Oregon to a national title game and Philadelphia to unexpected heights is now calling plays in the Horseshoe. Kelly traded in the sunshine of Westwood for the roar of the Shoe, leaving UCLA after six seasons to take over the Buckeye offense.

Now, let's be honest, this move raises eyebrows as high as a Brutus Buckeye statue. Kelly, a head coach for years, is taking a "step back" to become an assistant? And in the same conference as his former team?

But here's the thing, Buckeye Nation: never underestimate Chip Kelly's ambition. This guy wasn't just itching to escape UCLA (though, let's face it, that program ain't exactly sunshine and rainbows these days). He saw an opportunity to dominate in a program with championship aspirations and a quarterback like Will Howard who could thrive in his system.

Remember the shredding spread offense that turned Marcus Mariota into a Heisman winner? Imagine that firepower unleashed with Howard slinging lasers and TreVeyon Henderson taking screens to the house. The Big Ten might need to invest in some wider fields, because Kelly's offense ain't slowing down anytime soon.

Sure, there are questions. Will Kelly mesh with Ryan Day's vision? Can he adapt his system to college athletes after years in the pros? But one thing's for sure: this is a gamble that could pay off BIG for the Buckeyes.

So buckle up, Buckeye Nation, because the Chip Kelly era in Columbus is about to begin. Get ready for some wild plays, unexpected wrinkles, and maybe even a sprinkle of that signature Kelly swagger. Just remember, one thing's certain: things are about to get a whole lot more exciting in Columbus.

2/9/2024 9:32:34 PM
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Hold your Sooners, Norman. Four-star tight end phenom Nate Roberts, the apple of everyone's eye in the 2025 cycle, ain't budging anytime soon. Sure, that crimson and cream might look mighty fine under the Friday night lights, but this Oklahoma native's playing his cards close to the vest.


After a brief fling with Notre Dame over the summer, Roberts pulled the plug on the Fighting Irish and started hanging out with some familiar faces – Sooner commits Kevin Sperry and Elijah Thomas. Seems like these three amigos are already building something special, and the Buckeyes are taking notice.

Coach Day and his crew have got Roberts at the top of their tight end wish list, and for good reason.

Background on Nate Roberts

This four-star prospect from Oklahoma is not only making waves on the football field but also excelling in baseball.

Speaking of winning, Roberts torched defenses for 33 catches, 705 yards, and 11 touchdowns as a sophomore. That's a stat line that would make Brutus Buckeye himself do a jig. And get this, the kid played snaps on both sides of the ball: tight end, defensive end, even quarterback! Versatility? Check.

Recruiting Time Line

And the best part? He's in no rush. Roberts says he's taking his time, weighing his options, and soaking it all in. That's smart, kid. This is a big decision, and he wants to get it right.

So, Buckeye Nation, hold onto your scarlet and gray pom-poms. The Nate Roberts sweepstakes are still wide open, and there's plenty of game left to play. But remember, when it comes to this Oklahoma-turned-Ohio hopeful, patience is key. And if we play our cards right, Columbus might just end up being the Land of Roberts after all.

1/18/2024 7:46:29 PM
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Holy cow, Buckeye Nation! Just as the confetti settled on Michigan's national championship win, Quinshon Judkins dropped a bombshell on social media – he's coming to Columbus! Quinshon Judkins, the SEC's most electrifying running back since Bo Jackson, just dropped a bombshell on the college football world – he's trading the powder blue for scarlet and gray!

Quinshon Judkins

Quinshon Judkins

Hold onto your helmets, because this ain't no ordinary transfer. Sure, Judkins has two years of eligibility left, but don't be surprised if he sets the Horseshoe on fire and bolts for the NFL after just one season. This is a talent unlike any we've seen in Columbus since Archie Griffin, and Coach Day knows how to unleash that kind of fire.

Michigan Takes the National Championship

Some might say this move stings a little after Michigan hoisted the trophy. But let's be honest, who wouldn't want to wear the scarlet and gray with those Wolverines strutting around like top dogs? Judkins knows what's up, and he's coming to Columbus to help reclaim what's rightfully ours.

And get this: he's already got connections in the locker room. Buckeye wideout Brandon Inniss and defensive end Kenyatta Jackson Jr. were practically giddy online after Judkins dropped his social media hint. Looks like the chemistry is already brewing!

Peach Bowl 2024

This ain't no ordinary transfer, friends. Judkins ain't just any back. He's a bona fide SEC stud, the reason Penn State tasted defeat in the Peach Bowl. Remember that 200-yard, two-touchdown performance that ripped the Nittany Lions' hearts out? Yeah, that was Judkins. And get this - next season, he'll be lining up across from those same heartbroken Lions in Big Ten play! Talk about poetic justice, huh?

So, Nittany Lions, prepare yourselves for round two, because Judkins is back and this time he's wearing Brutus on his chest. The Big Ten just got a whole lot more exciting, and the Horseshoe is about to erupt! Get ready for Judkinsmania, Columbus, this is gonna be one wild ride!


Sure, some folks might grumble about Judkins being the third Rebel in two years to hop the fence to Columbus. But hey, what's wrong with stacking the deck with talent? Especially when that talent can outrun a cheetah and leave defenders grasping at air? This is a win for the Buckeyes, a nightmare for Big Ten defenses, and a potential championship parade starter. So buckle up, Buckeye Nation, the Judkins era is about to kick off in Columbus, and it's gonna be a wild ride!

1/9/2024 12:09:37 PM
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That's right, ESPN's Pete Thamel dropped the bombshell – Kansas State's gunslinger, Will Howard, is heading north to Columbus. Let me tell you, folks, this ain't your momma's QB transfer! This is a big-time play by Coach Day and his crew, filling the void left by Kyle McCord's Syracuse safari.


Now, McCord did just fine – 11-1 as a starter? Nothing to sneeze at. But when you see a talent like Howard on the market, a dude who's 6-5, 242 pounds of pure quarterbacking fury, you gotta pounce. This kid throws lasers, reads defenses like a bookie at the Kentucky Derby, and fits the Buckeye offense like a glove with extra grip.

And let's be honest, Howard ain't some wide-eyed freshman. He's a seasoned vet, 12-5 as a starter with a Big 12 title and a Pop-Tarts Bowl appearance under his belt. He's gonna walk into that quarterback room, look Devin Brown, Lincoln Kienholz, and even five-star Air Noland straight in the eyes, and say, "This is my huddle, boys."

Speaking of huddles, buckle up for a whole new ball game in the Big Ten. No more East and West divisions – it's every man, woman, and wolverine for themselves now. And with Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Washington joining the party, the conference landscape just got spicy enough to give you heartburn.

But you know what else gives me heartburn? The thought of Michigan strutting around with three straight Big Ten titles. That ain't happening on Howard's watch. This kid gets The Game. He understands the blood, sweat, and Buckeye tears that go into beating those blue-helmeted pests. He's got that fire in his belly, that chip on his shoulder that screams, "Ohio State's back, and we're coming for our crown!"

So, Buckeye Nation, get ready to roar. Will Howard's here, and the future just got a whole lot brighter. Strap on your t-shirts, paint your faces scarlet and grey, and clear your calendar for Saturdays in the Horseshoe. It's gonna be a wild ride, and Will Howard's at the wheel. Go Bucks!

1/4/2024 9:17:37 PM
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In the dynamic world of college football, the transfer portal has become a gateway for players seeking new opportunities and challenges. One such player making waves in the Buckeye State is Evan Pryor, an Ohio State running back who has committed to Cincinnati.


Evan Pryor's Ohio State Beginnings:

Hailing from the vibrant city of Cornelius North Carolina, Evan Pryor's football journey started in his hometown. As a Buckeye, Pryor showcased his skills on the field, contributing to the rich legacy of Ohio State sports. In 2023, Pryor had 19 rush attempts for 49 yards playing behind 4 other backs.

The Decision to Transfer:

Behind every decision to enter the transfer portal lies a unique story. In Pryor's case, the move to Cincinnati was fueled by a desire for increased playing time and a chance to leave a mark on another program. This decision, while personal, echoes the broader trend of athletes seeking opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Impact on Ohio State:

The departure of a talented player like Evan Pryor naturally raises questions about the impact on the Buckeyes. As Ohio State recalibrates its roster and strategies, fans are left reflecting on the contributions Pryor made during his time in Columbus. This transition offers Dallan Hayden more time in addition to incoming freshman Jordan Lyle, James Peoples, and Sam Williams-Dixon.

Evan Pryor in Cincinnati:

For the Cincinnati Bearcats, the addition of Evan Pryor represents a significant boost to their offensive arsenal. Pryor's skill set, honed in the competitive environment of the Big Ten, brings a fresh perspective and dynamic playmaking ability to Cincinnati's backfield. How will Pryor's arrival shape the Bearcats' offensive identity, and what can fans expect from this transfer standout?

The Evolving Landscape of College Sports:

Evan Pryor's journey from Ohio State to Cincinnati is emblematic of the shifting landscape in college sports. As athletes exercise their right to explore new opportunities, programs adapt to maintain competitiveness. The narrative extends beyond Pryor, illustrating the broader transformation occurring in collegiate athletics and the evolving relationship between players and institutions.

12/14/2023 9:09:19 PM
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Get ready for an electrifying showdown in the Cotton Bowl Classic! Buckle up, fellow fans, because our Buckeyes are about to light up the field with pure Ohio State spirit!


The historical game favors Ohio State, who have been victorious in 10 of the 12 all-time matchups against the Tigers. This Cotton Bowl clash is significant, representing the first meeting of the two programs since 1998.

Missouri, on the other hand, enters the game with an impressive season that included a home win against LSU and a road battle at Georgia. The Tigers are reveling in their first 10-win season since 2014, coincidentally the same year they secured their last bowl game victory. Head coach Eli Drinkwitz is understandably thrilled about the New Year's Six selection, calling the matchup against Ohio State a "tremendous honor."

The Tigers faced adversity during the season with a home loss to LSU and a road defeat against Georgia. However, they rebounded impressively, securing their first 10-win season since 2014 and eyeing their first bowl game victory since the same year. A pivotal force in Missouri's success, running back Cody Schrader claimed the SEC rushing crown for 2023 with an outstanding 1,489 yards on the ground.

Quarterback Brady Cook orchestrated the aerial attack, amassing 3,189 passing yards, while wide receiver Luther Burden III contributed significantly with 1,197 receiving yards—both ranking as the third highest in their respective SEC categories.

As the Buckeyes and Tigers prepare for a New Year clash under the Texas night sky, football fans can expect a spectacle of skill, determination, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

12/3/2023 2:56:48 PM
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In the high-stakes landscape of college football, where the playoff spots are hotly contested, rivalry weekend emerges as the ultimate battleground. As we brace ourselves for the clash between the unbeaten and the one-loss titans, one matchup stands out among the rest—the showdown between bitter foes, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines.


For those who bleed scarlet and gray, "The Game" isn't just a contest; it's a sacred tradition, a spectacle that transcends the realm of college football rivalries. The animosity between Ohio State and Michigan is legendary, reaching a fever pitch in recent times with accusations and whispers echoing through the hallowed halls of both programs.

Michigan Defense

The Wolverines boast an outstanding defense, a formidable barrier standing tall at all three levels. With future NFL draft picks dotting their roster, Michigan ranks among the elite in defensive metrics—second in points per drive, first in success rate, and fifth in havoc rate. They've held opponents at bay, with no team managing to breach the 24-point mark this season, until Maryland broke the streak in Week 12.

Ohio State Offense

Enter Ohio State's powerhouse offense, spearheaded by the talented Kyle McCord. Stepping into the cauldron of "The Game," McCord faces a monumental challenge against a defense that has silenced even the most potent adversaries. The Wolverines, with their impressive defensive record, have not faced an offensive juggernaut of Ohio State's caliber this season. The clash promises fireworks, as the Buckeyes aim to break through the defensive fortress that has stifled many before them.

Reflecting on McCord's performance in the electrifying atmosphere of "The Game," we recall a similar scenario in Week 4 at Notre Dame. In that crucible, Ohio State scored 17 points, providing a glimpse of McCord's mettle under pressure. However, subsequent matchups against Penn State and Wisconsin saw the Buckeyes tallying 20 and 24 points, respectively. The looming question now is whether Ohio State's game plan, focused on safeguarding McCord through strategic running and calculated throws, will prove effective against Michigan's defensive juggernaut.

11/23/2023 12:05:18 PM
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In Week 12, brace yourself for a showdown as the Ohio State Buckeyes gear up to face the Minnesota Golden Gophers in a highly anticipated college football matchup. The stage is set in Columbus for a cross-divisional clash that promises excitement and high stakes.

As Ohio State readies for this encounter, there's more at play than just another game. The Buckeyes need to secure a victory against a formidable opponent before their pivotal clash with Michigan on Nov. 25, a game that holds immense significance in the Big Ten and nationally.

Ohio State vs Minnesota

Fueling Ohio State's offensive resurgence is the dynamic return of star running back Treveyon Henderson, whose impact has been pivotal since recovering from a Week 3 injury suffered against Notre Dame. Henderson's exceptional speed poses a significant threat to the Golden Gophers, marking a key factor in Ohio State's strategy. While the Buckeyes have a historical edge against Minnesota, the competitive history between the two teams, last facing off in 2018, adds an element of unpredictability.

Key players to watch for Ohio State include Marvin Harrison Jr. and Kyle McCord, both instrumental in the team's success during the 2023 season. On the opposing side, the Golden Gophers boast standout performers such as Athan Kaliakmanis and Danny Striggow, adding layers of intrigue to an already anticipated matchup.

Ohio State, ranked at No. 3, must navigate past Minnesota this week to set the stage for the clash with No. 2 Michigan in Week 13.

Bold predictions swirl around Ohio State, but the true narrative will unfold on the field during the scheduled 8 p.m. Eastern Time kickoff. Fans are eagerly anticipating a high-energy, competitive showdown as strategies are refined, and players prepare for battle. The collision between these two college football powerhouses promises to be unforgettable.

With star players from both teams in the limelight, fans can expect a fiercely competitive match that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the 2023 college football season. As the battle for supremacy unfolds, may the best team emerge victorious in this thrilling chapter of football history.

Minnesota faces the challenge of breaking a 12-game losing streak to Ohio State since their last win at the Horseshoe in 2000. In 2021, the Gophers held a third-quarter lead over the Buckeyes but ultimately lost 45-31. As these football powerhouses vie for supremacy, the anticipation is palpable. May the best team emerge victorious, adding another thrilling chapter to the annals of football history.

11/16/2023 9:25:27 PM
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In the heart of Columbus, Ohio, the stage is set for a monumental face-off as the No. 1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes (9-0, 6-0 Big Ten) gear up to host the Michigan State Spartans (3-6, 1-5 Big Ten) on Saturday, November 11 at the iconic Ohio Stadium. The anticipation is electric, and you can catch all the live action on NBC Sports' B1G Saturday Night, kicking off at 7:00 p.m. ET.


Pursuit of a National Championship

As the autumn leaves paint the landscape, the Buckeyes stand undefeated, driven by the dream of clinching the College Football Playoff and securing their first National Championship under the guidance of head coach Ryan Day. The stakes couldn't be higher, with just two games standing between them and a colossal showdown with arch-rivals Michigan.

Ohio State's journey this season has been nothing short of spectacular. The Buckeyes, known for their knack for slow starts, are hungry for an explosive kickoff against a resilient Michigan State squad.

Treveyon Henderson

In the past fortnight, the dynamic Henderson has been nothing short of a force of nature, amassing impressive rushing yards of 162 and 128 in consecutive games. The entire team, from hard-hitting running backs to nimble receivers, has rallied, contributing 204 and 143 rushing yards in their last two outings. This surge in the run game has injected a newfound vitality into the Buckeye offense, providing the much-needed boost.

Two Quarterback Spartans

Across the line of scrimmage, the Spartans are prepared to unveil their two-quarterback strategy, a tactical move that paid off in their recent triumph over Nebraska. The question looms large: how will the true freshman sensation, Sam Leavitt, be utilized in the coming battles, and what impact will this decision have on his promising future?

The history books reveal a compelling narrative of the Spartans' prowess against Ohio State. With 15 victories under their belt, Michigan State's triumphs include five instances where they conquered the Buckeyes when they were perched in the top five national rankings. The memories of astonishing upsets in Columbus, notably the dethroning of No. 1 Ohio State in 1998 and overpowering the star-studded No. 2 Buckeyes in 2015, still echo through the ages. All this, mind you, while the Spartans were missing their starting quarterback, Connor Cook.

11/9/2023 8:53:31 PM
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Ohio State 2023 Football Schedule

Sat Sep 2
at Indiana Bloomington, Ind.
3:30 PM CBS

Sat Sep 9
Youngstown St
at Columbus, Ohio

Sat Sep 16
Western Kentucky
at Columbus, Ohio

Sat Sep 23
Ohio State Buckeyes
at Notre Dame South Bend, Ind.

Sat Oct 7
at Columbus, Ohio

Sat Oct 14
at West Lafayette, Ind.

Sat Oct 21
Penn State
at Columbus, Ohio

Sat Oct 28
at Madison, Wis.

Sat Nov 4
at Piscataway, N.J.

Sat Nov 11
Michigan State
at Columbus, Ohio
7:30 pm NBC

Sat Nov 18
at Columbus, Ohio

Sat Nov 25
at Ann Arbor. Mich.
12:00 pm FOX


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