Scouting Report Nick Mangold C NY Jets

Scouting Report Nick Mangold C NY Jets
Nick Mangold

Scouting Report Nick Mangold C NY Jets

Nick Mangold had a big problem on Thursday night against the Browns—Atleast 350 to 375 pounds worth of big problem named Shaun Rogers.  Mangold has never been the biggest C in the league but he has worked hard to put muscle on.  He is now up to 300.  But Mangold is wise beyond his years in the NFL.  He held his own against the monster pro bowler. 

By Bill Smith

Effective At Times

            Rogers doesn't present much of a pass rush threat but is a huge rock against the run.  The Browns traded for him to help against the run.  Mangold was able to move him when he played low.  But like all younger O-Linemen, there is a tenancy to stand up and then hit the opponent.  In that case he lost leverage and failed to open a hole.  When he played low, he was able to create a crack for Thomas Jones and the other Jet running backs to sneak through.  In the only series they played against each other, the Jets were able to run effectively against what should be a much better run defense of the Browns.

            Unlike most C's in the league, Mangold is outstanding at leaving a double team block to get another block on the second level.  He doesn't give up his body unless it is absolutely necessary which means when he gets a linebacker, he is still on his feet and has a shot at a safety.  He has always played to the whistle and is searching for the next guy to hit until it blows.

Playing Next to Fanica

            Mangold will really enjoy working with a new LG Allen Fanica, the free agent 7 time pro bowl player from Pittsburgh.  Fanica is considerably quicker and much more aware than last year's gaggle of want-to-be starters.  There were several that got a chance to replace Pete Kendall who was moved in a spitting contest with the coach and front office.

            On passes, Mangold really shines.  He is so aware that if he is uncovered he is able to help out any leakage by another lineman or pick up a blitzer.  The toughest blitz for a C to take is the corner blitz of the edge.  He has the quickness to get there and make that block.   On every pass play, he seems to find the closest leak to the QB and has the quickness to plug it up.  That is going to make him a pro bowler for years to come.

Rain Delay

            Because of the lightning the work against Rogers was limited to one series and a single play of the second series but Mangold looked good against one of the most challenging NT in the NFL.

            Mangold had a very good rookie year and fell off slightly last year as was the case for the entire team.  Part of that was due to his having to do more 1 on 1 blocking because of a lack of a quality LG once Kendall left.  He is going to be a pro bowl C for a long time and his first trip to Hawaii isn't too far away.

Grade A-

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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