Scouting Report Kirk Barton T Bears

Scouting Report Kirk Barton T Bears
Kirk Barton

Scouting Report Kirk Barton T Bears

Football players don't show any emotion except concern when a teammate gets hurt.  But in Kirk Barton's efforts to make the Bears got a little easier when the team's 1st round choice Chris Williams developed back problems.  He is expected to be out at least 3 months.  We all wish the best for any player's recovery but this is an important opening at a critical time for Barton.

By Bill Smith

St. Clair against Barton

            Journeyman John St. Clair took over at LT in the first preseason game against the Chiefs.  St. Clair did so well that just after the game a report from David Haugh, of the Chicago Tribune, reported  Chicago Bears could move OT John Tait to left tackle because of the injury to Williams.  That would pit Barton, the second team RT against St. Clair for the starting RT position. 

            Barton played well against the Chiefs.  He played the last 3 quarters of the game against a couple of fairly well regarded reserve players.  The Bears do not tend to pull their tackles so one of Barton's greatest strengths, his speed, is not being utilized.  On a screen pass Barton did get a chance to use his speed and got blocks on both the second level (LB) and third level (S).  Barton does well on drive blocks pushing the DE out of the hole consistently.  However, on a critical 3rd down, he got high and was pushed back into the runner preventing the conversion. 

            Barton is a smart player and uses his instincts to help him accomplish his goals on any given play.  Many of his drive blocks just pushed the DE inside and blocking the opponent’s access to the runner.  That works just fine.  It also frees him up to get down field to block at the second level.

QB Protection

            In protecting the QB, Barton is improved.  Chicago was tied or behind a lot in the game so Barton was able to demonstrate his pass blocking often.  He did well.  He never let his opponent put pressure on the QB to the point where the DE got scouting points.  He also scored scouting points in 13 plays.  That shows both quality play and consistency which is critical if the Bears want to move the ball in 08.

Barton at Right Tackle

            Overall Barton showed he can be a starting RT if he is given the chance.  The current situation of the Bears indicates he may get it.

            Barton scored 24 points in his 3 quarters of play or a 32 point equivalent for a full game.  Grade A.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits

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