Scouting Report: Nick Mangold & Vernon Gholston vs Giants

Scouting Report: Nick Mangold & Vernon Gholston vs Giants
Nick Mangold

Scouting Report: Nick Mangold & Vernon Gholston vs Giants

The Jets recently played the New York Giants in a low scoring third week preseason game with ex-Buckeye players Nick Mangold and Vernon Gholston seeing some action.

By Bill Smith


            The Jets “move” offense is causing them more confusion than it causes the opponent.  2 movement penalties cost Bret Favre completions for 74 yards and a TD in the first half of the 3rd preseason game for both teams.  But the O line lead by Nick Mangold held up well giving up one sack on a blitz which the FB whiffed on a block. 

            Mangold played at a pro bowl level in his rookie year.  Last year, his performance fell off to some degree because in part he was trying to make up for a couple of stiffs playing LG beside him.  With the signing of All Pro Alan Fanacia from Pittsburgh, that problem is solved.  Now Mangold is again playing at a very high level.

            Mangold uses his ability to bend at the knee to get low to great advantage on drive blocks for the run.  Often he has pushed his opponent past the line and into the D backfield.  He is also quick enough to get down field when the Jets try a sweep or screen pass.  Several times in both pass and run plays, Mangold got more than 1 block on a play.  Right now, he is as good as any C I have seen.

He played the first half scoring 20 net scouting points for a 40 score and an A+.


            Vernon Gholston is beginning to prove his versatility to the coaching staff.  He is already on the first team in passing situations and when they go to a 4 man line he plays DE.  Those additional responsibilities are an indication of his progress.  He is making plays which is the most important thing he can do. 

            He is rushing the passer much more effectively.  Several times in the 4 man line he got pressure and required a back to help the tackle block him.  In two cases, that double team lead to sacks by other players who were blocked by a single player.  He still tends to get too high and has not yet gotten the shoulder dip to get around an OT.  As a result, he struggles to get away from a blocker and too often gets pushed past the QB.  Gholston is beginning to use his speed to better advantage both in the pass rush and against the run.  He ran down a sweep to the other side and got a tackle for loss.  But the Giants used his speed against him when he went too deep too far outside on a draw play and the back cut underneath him for a big gain on 3rd down.

            He still shows great energy and effort.  Overall for his 2 quarters of work he scored a net of 11 scouting points for a grade of B+.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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