Ohio State Continues Focus on Offense Heading Into Army Game

Ohio State Continues Focus on Offense Heading Into Army Game


During the weekly press conference with head coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson, reporters wanted to know what was wrong with the Buckeye offense. Meyer stated that the team will continue to stay balanced between passing and running and does not plan to feature the backs more on Saturday. He has mentioned to the team how the 2014 squad lost their second game to Virginia Tech but was able to rebound and win out.

Kevin Wilson

Wilson is the primary play caller this year and Meyer feels that only one quarter, the 2nd against Indiana, was up to the level the team needs to be at.

A lot was expected when Wilson replaced Tim Beck and Ed Warinner this year at the head of the offense. Ryan Day, a Chip Kelley student, was also added during the off-season, coming on board from the NFL for additional offensive game planning.

But the blame from fans hasn’t ended with the coach, the quarterback and the wide receivers have also heard it from the fans who expect them to be making more big plays on the field.

Wilson feels that he can make quarterback JT Barrett look better by putting him into position to make plays. He also felt play calling was the issue with the receivers and not getting separation as some have felt.

Army Game

Ohio State hopes to bounce back from a 16-31 loss against Oklahoma when they play Army at home Saturday at 4:30pm (FOX). The team should be closer to 100% this coming weekend with quarterback Joe Burrow probable, Damario McCall recovering, receiver Austin Mack expected to play, and Mike Weber close to 100%.

Ohio State ranks 57th in the country in passing offense.

Who’s to Blame

Some coaches who have studied this offense recently feel there hasn’t been much innovation over the years from Meyer, the offense now is similar to the Utah offense years ago.

They need to find their rhythm during the game and that Wilson knows that is dependent upon him and the plays he calls. Wilson’s style at Oklahoma and at Indiana were both the run/pass option, consistent vertical routes and a quick tempo. But he has been able to implement that at OSU yet.

Short-yardage passes haven’t been opening up room for the run game or for Barrett. The Pop pass and the Jet Sweep from 2014 might be what is needed to get Barrett moving the ball.

Meyer, Wilson and Day have 5 games to get in sync before the Penn State game on October 28th.

2017 Ohio State Football: Army Trailer


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