All Eyes On Urban Meyer Investigation

All Eyes On Urban Meyer Investigation


In two weeks, the football-loving public will be handed the verdict regarding the Urban Meyer investigation. Despite other football news craving for attention in the media, CNN has caved in to the pressure of covering every aspect of the ongoing investigation.

The Urban Meyer investigation isn't about the football coach as a person. Rather, it has to do with how much the coach in his professional capacity knew, how soon and above all, how he handled the knowledge that his assistant Zach Smith was involved in a domestic violence issue with his wife in 2015. To this effect, the group tasked with conducting the Urban Meyer investigation has just appointed veteran Ohio politician Jo Ann Davidson as chairperson.

If the Urban Meyer investigation runs its due course, Ohio State, the beacon of American football, will regain its esteemed position as an entity that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to any investigation. Accordingly, Mary Jo White, a former high-ranking official of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has been assigned the top post of the investigative team.

On the get-go, it's easy to see just how layered and how well-structured the two-week Urban Meyer investigation is going to be. It's classic school work. There are two groups, not one working on a verdict within the 14-day period. Observers question if the time allotted will be enough, considering that an investigation of this kind usually drags on for months or even a year.

When all is said and done, the Urban Meyer investigation can let the head coach return to the field after a paid leave, put him on disciplinary action or send the legendary Buckeyes coach packing. However, this decision will be up to OSU president Michael Drake and the university board to make. So all in all, there are actually four camps involved in rendering the verdict regarding the Urban Meyer investigation: a working group; an investigative team; the office of the university president; and, last but not the least, the school's esteemed trustees. With an approach that is four layers deep, the final decision regarding the Urban Meyer investigation is anybody's guess.

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