Urban Meyer Takes Role With NIL Company

Urban Meyer Takes Role With NIL Company


The Urban Meyer news of late is a huge college football story, along with the new Name, Image, and Likeness rules. Mr. Meyer accepting a position on the board of directors for the THE Foundation is in sync with the new rule. This rule states that college sports players can now earn money through name, image, and likeness deals with companies like Nike.

THE Foundation

What the THE Foundation does is help improve the quality of life for the sports players on the college level at Ohio State University. So not only are the players allowed to make money where only the NCAA used to, there may be other perks to being a player at O.S.U. through The Foundation.

With all the bad news in the world today, what is happening in Ohio is welcome news indeed. For years now, people have been formulating ways to help college players receive monies for all the money they bring to the school and the NCAA. It was an off-balance partnership, with the bread winners left eating crumbs.

Urban Meyer News

One cannot help but get the impression that Urban Meyer had been working hard behind the scenes to get this done for both the player's sake and his. Maybe he "profited" from his behind-the-scenes work by way of getting fast racked onto the board, which is fine if true. It's fine, considering the players got the best deal out of it.

The prospect of getting endorsement deals when you're good enough should help spark greater competition. Competition between players for a good payday only makes the players better, the teams better, and the league itself better because of the rising talents.

It's still unclear exactly how the THE Foundation will improve their quality of life. Hopefully health insurance is on the top of the list. If the NCAA does this already, more supplemental insurance is never a bad thing. Or possibly pushing the right people to put more relevant and needed money management courses into the curriculum. Making a lot of money is one thing, but learning how to manage it will greatly improve the player's quality of life.

So all in all, the business end of this sport, in this college and others, is gaining positive press for their endeavors. The Urban Meyer news is good in and of itself, but when you couple that with the new name/image/likeness rule, you have a sport that is turning heads and, potentially, a larger fan base.

We can only hope that Mr. Meyer serves a long and distinguished tenure at the Foundation. That step up for him was a logical and productive one. We also hope the new rules will benefit the players, as the context of the rule is intended.


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