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Tiger Woods Skips the Memorial
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Skips the Memorial

Writer's Q&A: Was it alright for Tiger Woods to skip the Memorial Tournament after having a knee scoped?

Bill Smith: Woods has one and only one goal—to beat the majors record of Jack. Any player of any sport must do whatever it takes to get into top condition to play at the highest level even if that means missing a tournament as respected as the Memorial.

Ryan Leonardo: I'm not too sure.  Sometimes it may take a little while longer for some to recover from the minor operation, but it's probably more a precaution than anything.

Eric Geier: Tiger is going to do what Tiger wants, he can do no wrong. He'll come back when he's good and ready. Personally, I don't see how someone can be out that long with a knee problem playing golf. After all, it's golf.

Pete Quint:  I have been wondering if the Memorial hasn't lost some of its luster in the past five or so years.  It just seams that the stars have been reluctant to appear lately.  If they do show up that all say that they are doing this for Jack or it's Jack's tournament.  The Memorial used to be considered a "non-major" major and all the stars came out to play. Now that he is retired and becoming further removed from the game are players forgetting what Jack ment to the game?

Steve Patterson: I agree that the Memorial is a great warm-up for the US Open and it makes a lot of sense for all the best players to compete in the tournament hosted by the best player ever.  I believe the tournament has 8 of the top 10 world players playing this year. But everyone wants to see Tiger and there’s not a great reason for him to be skipping.


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