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Jelani Thurman 2023 Tight End

Jelani Thurman (twitter) committed to Ohio State on July 17th, giving the Buckeyes another great receiving threat for the 2023 class. Their #1 rated class now has 19 prospects and is quickly wrapping up. Thurman's father is Odell Thurman, former NFL linebacker, who played at Georgia and then the Cincinnati Bengals. His mother, Kara Braxton, was an WNBA player that also played at Georgia. Thurman, 6'6" 230 lbs., is from Langston Hughes Fairburn, GA High School.

He becomes the 2nd tight end in the Ohio State class along with Ty Lockwood. Impressive that Ohio State was able to go into Georgia and grab one of the most sought after tight-ends in the country.


Who Recruited Thurman

Kevin Wilson recruited Thurman for Ohio State, Joe Cox was recruiting him for Alabama, Zac Etheridge was recruiting him for Auburn, Ted Gilmore was recruiting him for Michigan State, Kyle Richardson was recruiting him for Clemson, And Chip Long for Georgia Tech.

Offers and Favorites

Thurman had 29 offers with Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn, and Michigan State all favorites.

Official Visits

Thurman visited Michigan State on June 3rd, Auburn on June 10th, Alabama on June 17th, and Ohio State on June 24th.

National Ranking

Thurman is a 4 Star recruit, the 115th best nationally, and 7th best tight end in the country.

Thurman Crystal Ball Predictions

Josh McCuistion, Andrew Ivins, Bud Elliott, Steve Wiltfong, Bill Kurelic were all predicting Ohio State when he committed on the 17th of July.

7/21/2022 9:16:06 PM
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2023 Wide Receiver Carnell Tate from IMG Academy


The Carnell Tate saga is about to come to an end. The four-star wide receiver has whittled down his list of scholarship offers to four schools (LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Tennessee) and is nearing a decision on where he'll play college ball.

Tate from IMG Academy Bradenton Florida. A tall receiver at 6'2", 185 lbs., with long arms and big hands. He Creates separation, body control, has experience playing inside and outside. Tate has a big frame and long strides that allow him to stretch the field vertically. He has elite speed with excellent quickness and body control. Tate will run by defenders on deep routes but also shows the ability to make tough catches down the sideline in traffic. Tate will be an immediate impact player at the next level.

Tate (twitter) said he’s looking for a school that offers great coaching, something that Ohio State has because of the new offensive system being installed by Ryan Day. That sounded like music to Tate’s ears after hearing about how well Wilson, Olave and Williams were coached during their time in Columbus.

Who's Recruiting Tate

For Ohio State, Brian Hartline is the primary recruiter. Notre Dame has Tommy Rees and Del Alexander recruiting Tate. Alabama's recruiter is Holmon Wiggins. Tennessee has Kodi Burns and Alex Golesh. While Georgia's primary is Cortez Hankton.

Offers and Favorites

Tate has over 36 offers with Tennessee, LSU, Notre Dame and Ohio State leading at the beginning of June. Tate said he feels as though he could step in and contribute at Ohio State if he were to commit there.

Carnell Tate Visits

On April 8th, Tate visited Tennessee. April 22nd he visited LSU. He visited Ohio State on April 2nd, 2022. He saw Notre Dame on March 15th, 2022. And he was at Georgia on March 26th, 2022. The South Florida Express is expected to be in Columbus for Ohio State’s 7-on-7 tournament on June 16. Could he commit in the days before the unofficial visit? We’ll have to wait and see.


Tate is considered the 6th best wide receiver in the country, 39th best overall nationally, and 10th best recruit in the State of Florida for 2023.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Tom Loy predicted with medium confidence Ohio State. Steve Wiltfong has medium confidence of Ohio State. Mike Singer liked Notre Dame in May of 2021. Carson MacRae, EJ Holland, Sam Spiegelman, Woody Wommack, Geoffrey Ketchum, Mike Farrell, and Kevin Noon like Ohio State. And Kyle Kelly recently went with Tennessee.

6/2/2022 12:21:01 PM
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Florida Wide Receiver Bryson Rodgers


Bryson Rodgers (twitter) from Zephyrhills Florida Wiregrass Ranch High School Class of 2023 is now committed to play football for Ohio State starting next year. The 3 Star recruit, the 46th best receiver in the country, 73th best overall in Florida, had 42 offers total with offers from Ohio State, LSU, Texas, Alabama, and Florida.

Crystal Ball and Recruitment

A Crystal Ball prediction was for the University of Florida. Rodgers was recruited by Brian Hartline for Ohio State, Holmon Wiggins for Alabama, and Adam Fuller and Ron Dugans for Florida State. He caught 42 passes in 2021 from Rocco Becht for 14 touchdowns and 645 yards.

Bryson Rodgers Visits

Rodgers will visit Ohio State on September 3rd, 2022, he unofficially visited the Buckeyes on April 16th. Was on hand for the Ohio State Spring Game. He also unofficially visited Florida State (April 9th), Miami University (March 31st) and Florida (March 15th).

Rodgers grew up in Warren Ohio and routed for the Ohio State University as a kid. He also plays 7-on-7 for Team Tampa with Ohio State commit CB Dijon Johnson. Florida wide receiver Bryson Rodgers is a playmaker that attacks the ball out of the air and has the athletic ability to add yards after catch. He is a smooth route runner and is always moving his feet. Rodgers has good height, speed and hands to be productive at the next level.

Ohio State 2023 Class

Ohio State is building an impressive class for the upcoming 2023 season and adding another piece to the puzzle from the Sunshine State. Ohio State now has 4 players from Florida in the 2023 class including Rodgers, Johnson, Mark Fletcher, and Cedrick Hawkins.

5/18/2022 2:12:08 PM
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Mark Fletcher Ohio State 2023 Running Back


Mark Fletcher from American Heritage in Fort Lauderdale Florida committed to Ohio State for the 2023 season earlier this month. Considered a big back, he has provided his school with three productive high school football seasons, gaining over 2500 yards and 29 touchdowns.

At 6'1" 225 lbs. Fletcher, a four start running back, picked OSU over Penn State, Michigan, and Miami of Florida. He is rated the 7th best running back in the country. He made visits to Ohio State on April 1st, Miami on March 24th, Michigan on March 21st and was at USC on March 11th.

Crystal Ball projections made shortly prior to the commitment had Fletcher going to the Buckeyes.

Ohio State 2023 Class

Running Back's coach Tony Alford recruited Fletcher and is looking to add another back to the 2023 class. At the time of Fletcher's commitment, Ohio State had 6 commits including mostly defensive players. No other running backs are currently looking to join the Buckeye's class. Ahead of Fletcher on the depth chart are Marcus Crowley, Miyan Williams, Treveyon Henderson, Evan Pryor and Dallen Hayden.

Fletcher plays 7-on-7 with current commit Cedrick Hawkins at South Florida Express. He can catch the ball and has decent speed in space as seen in film.

American Heritage is a school Ohio State has been trying to create a relationship with for some time. So getting Fletcher is an important step for the Buckeyes in Florida.

4/19/2022 9:22:52 PM
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Urban Meyer Takes Role With NIL Company


The Urban Meyer news of late is a huge college football story, along with the new Name, Image, and Likeness rules. Mr. Meyer accepting a position on the board of directors for the THE Foundation is in sync with the new rule. This rule states that college sports players can now earn money through name, image, and likeness deals with companies like Nike.

THE Foundation

What the THE Foundation does is help improve the quality of life for the sports players on the college level at Ohio State University. So not only are the players allowed to make money where only the NCAA used to, there may be other perks to being a player at O.S.U. through The Foundation.

With all the bad news in the world today, what is happening in Ohio is welcome news indeed. For years now, people have been formulating ways to help college players receive monies for all the money they bring to the school and the NCAA. It was an off-balance partnership, with the bread winners left eating crumbs.

Urban Meyer News

One cannot help but get the impression that Urban Meyer had been working hard behind the scenes to get this done for both the player's sake and his. Maybe he "profited" from his behind-the-scenes work by way of getting fast racked onto the board, which is fine if true. It's fine, considering the players got the best deal out of it.

The prospect of getting endorsement deals when you're good enough should help spark greater competition. Competition between players for a good payday only makes the players better, the teams better, and the league itself better because of the rising talents.

It's still unclear exactly how the THE Foundation will improve their quality of life. Hopefully health insurance is on the top of the list. If the NCAA does this already, more supplemental insurance is never a bad thing. Or possibly pushing the right people to put more relevant and needed money management courses into the curriculum. Making a lot of money is one thing, but learning how to manage it will greatly improve the player's quality of life.

So all in all, the business end of this sport, in this college and others, is gaining positive press for their endeavors. The Urban Meyer news is good in and of itself, but when you couple that with the new name/image/likeness rule, you have a sport that is turning heads and, potentially, a larger fan base.

3/21/2022 1:47:39 PM
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Luke Montgomery Buckeye Offensive lineman for 2023


Luke Montgomery, 6'5" 270 lbs., out of Findlay Ohio High School recently committed to the Ohio State football team for 2023. Some teams thought he could also play defensive line but was rated on the offensive line and is coming to Columbus to play that position. He said shortly after a school event that he wants to compete and win a spot with OSU.

Montgomery selected Ohio State because of the culture, coaches and teammates which were important to him. He committed to the Buckeyes at his school on the CBS HQ show. Ohio State moved from 12th in the country to 7th in the country with the commitment. So the class is well on its way to be a top 5 rated class as they seem to always finish. OSU offensive coach Kevin Wilson coached Montgomery's father when he attended Miami (Ohio), so there was more than one connection for the young prospect.

Who Recruited Montgomery

Kevin Wilson and Justin Frye for Ohio State. Bill O'Brien for Alabama. Sherrone Moore for Michigan. Mike Elston and Marcus Freeman for Notre Dame. And Robbie Caldwell for Clemson.

Montgomery had over 30 Offers including Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Alabama as his favorites.

Montgomery Visits

Ryan Day, line coach Justin Frye and Corey Dennis from Ohio State visited Montgomery during a basketball game in Findlay on January 14th. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson visited Findlay for a basketball practice shortly after. Montgomery visited Ohio State with his parents at the end of January. His parents thought he was ready to commit to the Buckeyes during the visit but he waited a little longer to consider other programs.

Other visits included Alabama on June 14th, 2021, USC on April 23rd of 2021, Clemson on June 15th, 2021, Georgia on June 12th, 2021, Georgia Tech on June 13th, 2021, Michigan on June 10th, 2021, Michigan State on June 26th, 2021, Penn State on July 25th, 2021, And Oklahoma on June 19th, 2021. After each visit he came back and still had Ohio State as the top program on his board.


Montgomery is considered a 4 Star, 49th overall, 4th best offensive tackle, and the best prospect in Ohio.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Bill Kurelic, Steve Wiltfong, Sean Fitz, Justin Thind, JC Shurburtt, and Hale McGranahan all thought Ohio State. Joseph Hastings, Carson MacRae, Eric Lammers, Richard Schnyderite, Dylan Callaghan-Croley also all had Ohio State as his destination.

Scouting Report

Started as a tight end and defensive end but has grown into the tackle positions. Has the ability to pull and make plays out in space. Has experience at a number of spots on both sides of the line. Has a high school freshman brother, Ryan, that has also been offered a scholarship by Ohio State.

2/25/2022 7:43:44 PM
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Perry Eliano Joins The Ohio State Buckeyes

Perry Eliano

There has been a lot of excitement and media coverage recently, surrounding the appointment of Perry Eliano as the new coach Safeties coach for the Ohio State Buckeye’s football team, with hopes and expectations significantly raised for the coming season. Much of the fervor can be genuinely justified, especially when analyzing his previous coaching record, which dates all the way back to the start of the century in 2001.

Perry Eliano Coaching Career

After a couple of years as an Assistant Graduate, Eliano went on to coach both running backs and wide receivers at Central Arkansas, and then after just one year away at Sam Houston, he progressed to secondary coach when he returned to the 'Natural State', right up until 2010. He then became the special teams co-ordinator for UTSA, before moving on to become Associate Head Coach at Bowling Green, in 2016. Within four years he had moved to Cincinnati to take on a similar position there, having a role with the Cincinnati Corner-Backs.

As a safety during his own career, it is obviously advantageous to Eliano that those experiences mean he is no stranger to the position, and as a consequence can put into practice everything acquired during those years and quite rightly be regarded as something of a specialist. Coaching in and around the Ohio is not actually anything completely new to Eliano either, as he previously coached under Luke Fickell, the former defensive tackle and long time OSU coach; as well as the two years that he had at Bowling Green.

Growing up in Texas

His roots are very much in the south, Killeen in Texas to be precise, born there in the May of 1978. He was an outstanding prep defensive back, and earned for himself honors in his senior season after starring in his group, which helped the Eagles to reach the state quarter-finals in the Class 5A. He went on to play college ball at Stephen F Austin, where he also got his first job.

1/19/2022 3:26:20 PM
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Wide Receiver Kaleb Brown Attends NFA 7v7


2022 All-American Kaleb Brown spent June working out at the NFA (National Football Association) 7v7 tournament.

The 5’11” 180 lbs. wide receiver from Chicago Illinois is considered the 5th best at his position in the country and a four star recruit. He is a selection for the 2022 All American Bowl on January 8th on NBC from San Antonio Texas.

Brown recently committed to play college football after Ohio State after being recruited by over 19 schools including Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida and Alabama. He has a relationship with two Wolverine teammates in AJ Henning and JJ McCarthy which led some to believe that he would end up in Ann Arbor. But Brian Hartline has kept constant contact with the highly sought after player and landed the deal.

Kaleb Brown At The Slot

Brown was featured as a tailback at Saint Rita High School but is projected to play slot receiver at the next level. Being a little different than the number of top rated receivers OSU has secured over the past three years could help Brown find the field.

He can get separation with burst and quickness and has great hands. He is a possibility in the kick return game early in his time in Columbus.

Kaleb Brown Visits

Brown was on an official visit to Ohio State when he made his commitment to the school. He stated that his relationship with receivers coach Hartline was a major factor and being recruited during the dead period showed who was really serious.

6/18/2021 3:01:05 PM
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Ryan Turner 2022 Ohio State Commit to Visit June 11th


Ryan Turner is considered one of South Florida’s best defensive backs. Rated a three star recruit and the 34th best nationally at the position. He adds to a strong 2022 class ranked 2 in the country and the top class in the Big Ten. Kye Stokes, Jaheim Singletary and Jyaire Brown are already part of the class at defensive back.

Turner picked Ohio State over offers from Penn State, Clemson and Boston College. He had 27 scholarship offers before he made the commitment to the Buckeyes on May 5th 2021.

Why Ryan Turner

At 6’0” 180lbs. he’s a physical back like Ohio State is always looking for.

Kerry Combs and Matt Barnes went after Turner after a junior season that only provided stats of 16 tackles and 1 interception. His stock has risen over the Winter months.

Turner has great speed, ability to make tackles, ball skills, and good strength.

What Turner Means for Ohio State

Ohio State had an outstanding 2021 defensive backfield class. With Turner now in the 2022 class, they turn to add one more at the position from either Toriano Pride or Jayden Bellamy. Both Pride and Bellamy are planning visits to Columbus this coming month on June 11th.

5/28/2021 7:16:43 PM
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Kenyatta Jackson Jr Predicted to be Clemson or Ohio State for 2022


Hollywood Florida defensive end Kenyatta Jackson Jr, one of the best in the class of 2022, is predicted to either commit to Clemson or Ohio State for their next recruiting class. The 6’5” 230 lbs. 4 star defensive lineman is considered the 6th best at his position and the 85 best overall for the class nationally. He is being recruited for Ohio State by Larry Johnson. Anna Hickey from Clemson247 has him going to Clemson while Gaby Urrutia of InsideTheU predicts he will commit to the Buckeyes.

What Kenyatta Jackson Offers

Jackson is recognized as a disruptive player at the defensive end position with a large wing-span and great hands. He can get to the quarterback and also pursues running backs just as easily. Comes from a family or NFL players with uncles and a grandfather all playing in the pros.

3/4/2021 4:04:58 PM
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Dasan McCullough Overland Park Kansas Athlete


Dasan McCullough, 6’5” and 220 pounds, is the 7th best athlete nationwide in the 2022 recruiting class. The best prospect in Kansas out of Blue Valley North High School, he committed to play at Ohio State on August 19th. McCullough was recruited by Al Washington and also had offers from Boston College, Arkansas, Alabama, Clemson, among many others. His is projected to play linebacker at Ohio State.

OSU head coach Ryan Day made a strong push to secure the verbal commitment of McCullough over many good programs including Texas that had hoped to move farther north with the current class but failed on this occasion.

Ohio State’s 2022 Class

Ohio State’s 2022 class now features 5 top 150 recruits and is ranked among the strongest in the country. McCullough has not made a visit to Ohio State, due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

McCullough Returning to Ohio

McCullough grew up in Cincinnati and with his brother, Deland McCullough II plays for the Miami Ohio RedHawks at this time, it was a move back home for the Buckeye. The close location of Columbus to most of his family was a strong draw for the standout football player.

Deland McCullough

Kevin Wilson and McCullough’s dad also have a long history. Deland McCullough was coached by Kevin Wilson and later worked for him as a running backs coach at Indiana. He currently is the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach.

Commitment: Dasan McCullough picks Buckeyes, commits to Ohio State

8/19/2020 8:35:55 PM
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Jordan Hancock Suwanee Georgia 2021 Cornerback


Jordan Hancock from Suwanee Georgia recently flipped from his commitment from Clemson and pledged his intent to sign with Ohio State as soon as possible. The OSU coaching staff pursued him harder than anyone else and got the player they wanted for next season. Many had predicted he would go to the Buckeyes but a March visit to Clemson led him to initially commit to the Tigers. Dabo Swinney’s eyes are now bloodshot from the change in plans.

Hancock was recruited by Kerry Coombs and Al Washington for the Buckeyes. Mike Reed recruited him for Clemson. It is reported that ten different coaches from OSU spoke with Hancock prior to his commitment to a be a Buckeye.

Hancock has been invited to take part in the All-American Bowl. He played in Georgia’s highest level and had a great year as a junior. He can flip his hips and change directly effortlessly. He has great ball skills. Hancock is the 5th best cornerback in the country and the 9th best player in Georgia for 2021.

Joins Denzel Burke and Jakailin Johnson as cornerbacks in Ohio State’s current recruiting class. Ohio State’s 2021 class is considered the best class in the country will its current 19 prospects.

Jordan Hancock Highlights - He has committed to The Ohio State University. #GoBucks (WRE)

7/27/2020 2:40:30 PM
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Denzel Burke Scottsdale Arizona Athlete and Ohio State Cornerback


Denzel Burke committed to Ohio State last week in what adds another top corner back to the class of 2021. The Scottsdale Arizona Saguaro product is considered the 8th best athlete in the class nationally and the 3 best player in the state for that year. He was recruited for Ohio State by Kerry Coombs and Corey Dennis. Arizona, Auburn, Arizona State, and Colorado were also pursuing his college commitment. Ohio State was the odd Big Ten school in a list of Pac-12 programs but pulled out the win.

Burke is a 4.7 40 yard runner with a great wing span who could add some build at the next level. Has very good ball skills and could play either side of the ball, although Ohio State is bringing him in as a defensive back. He currently weights 190 lbs. and is 6” tall. He had 313 yards on 12 receptions last year in addition to 2 picks after sitting out half the season due to a school transfer.

Ohio State Buckeye Recruiting

He joins quarterback Jack Miller as recent recruits from Scottsdale Arizona going to Columbus.Burk comes from the powerhouse program of Saguaro High School which has produced Georgia prospect Kelee Ringo and Washington to Arizona NFL star Byron Murphy.

Coombs was the main recruiter who has been in contact with Burke ever since he came back to Ohio State after a short time in the NFL. Head Coach Ryan Day was also involved in getting Burke to become a Buckeye next year.

Burke was unable to make a visit to Ohio, similar to many other recent recruits, but felt comfortable with the coaching staff and wanted to be a part of the outstanding 2021 class.

2021 4-star ATH Denzel Burke commits to Ohio State

6/2/2020 10:37:11 PM
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C.J. Hicks, the College Football Recruit to Look Out For


Who is C.J. Hicks?

C.J. Hicks is a high school senior football recruit from Archbishop Alter High in Dayton Ohio. Weighing in at 190 lbs., this 6 foot 4 inch young man caught the attention of colleges across the country with many recruiters trying to get him to commit. His skills include playing defense and offensive positions and excelling in all of them.

Hick’s talents have made him so widely known that he had received 28 scholarship offers from around the country before making his decision. These offers included Penn State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Cincinnati, Virginia, West Virginia, Purdue, Tennessee, Ohio State and many more. The choice was extremely difficult for him with the different scholarship packages and perks he was offered to attend some of these schools.

Which Colleges has CJ Hicks Visited?

In an interview, he mentioned visiting Purdue, Cincinnati, Vanderbilt, and Ohio State for games in previous years, and had had great times at all of them. Alabama did invite him this year, however had prior engagements and was not able to attend that event. He mentioned enjoying Cincinnati, Purdue and Columbus Ohio for reasons such as their atmosphere, great football seasons, nice friendly people, and amazing crowds.

C.J. Hicks Commitment Choice

C.J. Hicks has ultimately decided to attend Ohio State University, and was recruited by Al Washington and Kevin Wilson. He stated he chose the OSU Buckeyes because of the incredible culture there. He also believes that going to Ohio State will help him to become the man he wants to become along with aiding his football career. He admitted the choice was hard, but after a discussion with his mother he knew what he wanted. He is already trying to recruit for the Buckeyes with friends, and other players he believes are a good fit.

With his long and lean body, this player is able to take long strides allowing him to cover more ground faster. Hick’s has had experience as a safety and sometimes as a cornerback, along with other defense positions. In high school he was even utilized as an offensive player, making him more versatile in how he played. College being the different ballgame it is, he will most likely have to bulk up to increase his strength, endurance and stamina. If you watched this past season you can see he is almost where he needs to be to be considered college football ready.

What does he offer Ohio State University?

With his experience in various positions on the field, he offers the Buckeyes a recruit who will be effective just about anywhere they place him. This can be a rare trait, most athletes excelling in offense or defense. His physique allows him to be fast and yet take a hit when needed, which is essential when playing this sport. He is also very determined to be the best, and his competitive nature helps ensure his dedication and motivation to achieving his football goals.

5/17/2020 3:12:27 PM
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Ohio State CB Jyaire Brown from New Orleans


Ohio State got their first 2022 commit on Wednesday from New Orleans Warren Easton High School cornerback prospect Jyaire Brown. “Hollywood” Brown made the announcement on Twitter. The 6’1” 170lbs 2022 recruit is considered a 4 star prospect, the 16th best cornerback and the 122 best overall player in the country.

Many programs are just getting their 2021 classes started, but Ohio State has a class that is getting full and easily ranked the best in the country. Now they are beginning to look at the next class, making offers, and talking to recruits.

Jyaire Brown to LSU

Many thought he was headed to LSU including Billy Embody who had a crystal ball predication of 62% likely to stay in the South at Louisiana State. He also had offers from Florida State, Arkansas, Colorado, and Alabama. A total of 19 scholarship offers in all.

Brown’s family wanted him to wait a little before deciding but he went with his gut and pulled the trigger on the Buckeyes now.

Brown was born in Cincinnati and wanted to find his way back to the area with his college selection. His family is still a bunch of Buckeye fans and consider the school DBU.

Kerry Coombs was his recruiter at Ohio State and discussed coming back home with Brown. Warren Easton coordinator Munchie LeGaux knew Coombs from when he was a quarterback for the University of Cincinnati and Coombs was on the staff.

This is the first recruit for the Buckeyes in the area in over 15 years. Recruiting a sophomore early can be tricky but the staff must have liked what they see at this point.

What Jyaire Brown Offers Ohio State

Brown is a true cornerback with length that will be able to play press for OSU. His speed also makes him able to play zone when needed. And his physical play is something Ohio State wants in cornerbacks coming in to make tackles.

Coombs feels that Brown will fit well with the culture of the team. The Buckeyes offered Brown a scholarship 5 days prior to him committing. No visits have been made as the current pandemic has made that impossible.

Brown played the entire season as a starter on a state title competing team. He also plays basketball and runs track at Warren Easton. Some have compared Brown to Marshon Lattimore, an Ohio State graduate now playing for the New Orleans Saints.

Jyaire Brown commits to Ohio State, becomes Buckeyes first 2022 verbal

4/23/2020 7:02:02 PM
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Ohio State 2022 Football Schedule

Sat Sep 3
Ohio State Buckeyes
Notre Dame Columbus, Ohio
7:30 pm

Sat Sep 10
Kansas State
Arkansas State Columbus, Ohio

Sat Sep 17
Ohio State Buckeyes
Toledo Columbus, Ohio

Sat Sep 24
Wisconsin Logo
Wisconsin Columbus, Ohio

Sat Oct 1
Rutgers Columbus, Ohio

Sat Oct 8
Ohio State Buckeyes
Michigan State East Lansing, Mich.

Sat Oct 22
Iowa Columbus, Ohio

Sat Oct 29
Ohio State Buckeyes
Penn State State College, Pa.

Sat Nov 5
Ohio State Buckeyes
Northwestern Evanston, Ill.

Sat Nov 12
Indiana Columbus, Ohio

Sat Nov 19
Maryland College Park, Md

Sat Nov 26
Ohio State Buckeyes
Michigan Columbus, Ohio
12:00 pm


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