Ohio State Defeats Eastern Michigan 73-20

Ohio State Defeats Eastern Michigan 73-20

Dane Sanzenbacher

Ohio State Defeats Eastern Michigan 73-20

Ohio State couldn’t stop itself from scoring in the fourth quarter today against Eastern Michigan as it scored more points than at any time in the last 60 years. This is the 3rd time in four games that the Buckeyes have scored more than 40 points. The high powered OSU passing attack was on display with Dane Sanzenbacher scoring 4 times and having 108 yards for the day. Terrelle Pryor continued to show shy he is the front-runner for the Heisman, completing 20 of 26 passes for 224 yards and four touchdowns. He also caught a pass for a touchdown and ran for 104 yards and another touchdown.

By Steve Patterson

Ohio State remains ranked second in the country while Buckeye fans were rooting for an Arkansas win against the number one team in the country, Alabama, that did not materialize this afternoon.

Eastern Michigan entered the game on Saturday underdogs by 44.5 points. Ohio State came out and scored on six straight possessions to take a 24-0 first quarter lead. Eastern Michigan did put together three good drives and scored 20 points against a Buckeye defense that has allowed very few points in their first four games of the season. But it wasn’t enough to beat the spread.

In the fourth quarter, Ohio State played entirely with their second and third string but the scoring did not stop. Jordan Hall caught a 17 yard pass from Joe Bauserman for a touchdown. Jaamal Berry broke lose for 67 yards to score a second time during the quarter while Eastern Michigan was unable to put another drive together. Finally third string quarterback Kenny Guiton scored from 15 yards out of a quarterback run with 3:26 minutes remaining.

This is a record score for the Buckeyes under current Head Coach Jim Tressel. While Eastern Michigan’s losing streak has been extended to 16 straight games.

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