Ohio State Players Apologize to Buckeye Nation

Ohio State Players Apologize to Buckeye Nation

Terrelle Pryor Apologizes

Ohio State Players Apologize to Buckeye Nation

Yesterday afternoon the five suspended Ohio State players, that sold memorabilia and autographs for a combination of discounted services and cash, apologized to the fan base. In prepared statements, Daniel Herron, Terrelle Pryor, Mike Adams, DeVier Posey, and Solomon Thomas each gave their own apologizes often without looking at their notes. Pryor was “deeply sorry” to Buckeye Nation and felt it was his youth and immaturity at the time that led to his poor decisions.

DeVier Posey Promises to Return

In a positive note to Ohio State fans, DeVier Posey promised to return in 2011 to play his Senior season. All five Buckeye players will be eligible for the NFL draft in the Spring and could skip the season and the 5 games they have been suspended for. All players can still participate in the Sugar Bowl this coming week. The coaching staff is considering reducing their free time during bowl preparation and limiting their playing time during the game according to one report.

Coaching Staff Behind Apologizes?

The statements were made the final day before the team left to begin preparation for their bowl game in New Orleans on January 4th. A question remains, who felt the apologizes were necessary? Did the players initiate the press conference with the assistance of the school or was it something the coaching staff wanted to do as part of the players punishment and education.

AD and Fans Behind Apologizes?

Possibly the AD felt the press conference to apologize was necessary to ease the minds of fans who have been emailing the university. Many are upset about the severity of the suspensions, the appropriateness and the application of NCAA rules which are allowing the players to still play this January.

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