Mike Vrabel Returns to Ohio State as a Linebackers Coach

Mike Vrabel Returns to Ohio State as a Linebackers Coach
COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 30: Assistant Head Coach...

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Mike Vrabel Returns to Ohio State as a Linebackers Coach

Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell played with Mike Vrabel before Vrabel graduated from OSU and played 14 years in the NFL. Vrabel grew up the son of a football coach and always wanted to return to the Buckeyes to coach. The recent resignation/retirement of Jim Tressel has opened the door for Vrabel to retire from the NFL and take the linebacker coaching position vacated when Fickel was promoted to head coach.

By Steve Patterson

The timing couldn’t have been better for Vrabel who has physically been limited in the off-season due to his age and the current lockout of the NFL which might lead to a shortened season. His age being a negative on the field is a huge advantage in coaching. Current Ohio State players have already expressed the excitement around the Woody Hayes Facility of having the two young enthusiastic coaches together again.

It remains to be seen if Vrabel can easily transition from playing to coaching and be effective. Ohio State faces a difficult year with a lot of extracurricular noise surrounding the program. And Luke Fickell, being in his first year, could be under a good amount of pressure to win early and often to keep the job beyond 2011. Many Ohio State fans would love to see Fickell and Vrabel keep their positions for years beyond the current.

All other coaches are set to remain in place for the coming year. Some would like to see the offense revamped after disappointing performances for many of the Tressel era years. Jim Tressel was the main play caller which will now be the responsibility of Offensive Coordinator Jim Bollman.

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