Spring Football Kicks Off at Ohio State

Spring Football Kicks Off at Ohio State

Ohio St Tressel Trouble Football

Spring Football Kicks Off at Ohio State

Spring Football started Wednesday at Ohio State with a Jim Tressel Press Conference. He began with an apology and then each position on the team was broken down. It will be an interesting year for the Buckeyes with 5 players suspended for the first 5 games along with Head Coach Tressel. They will have to prepare two starters at those five positions, one starter for the first five games and then the suspended player for the remainder of the season.

Jim Tressel Apologizes Again

Head Coach Jim Tressel apologized at the beginning of his press conference yesterday for letting people down when he failed to reveal his knowledge of the exchange of goods and services for memorabilia by his players. He understands why some have called him a cheater but does not share their view obviously. He wasn’t able to discuss the investigation beyond the apology as it is ongoing.

Luke Fickell Promoted to Assistant Head Coach

The Athletic Director released a statement on Wednesday promoting linebacker and defensive coach Luke Fickell to the Assistant Head Coach. He will be the Interim head coach during Coach Tressel’s suspension and becomes the heir apparent if and when Coach Tressel does retire. This is Coach Fickell’s 10th year with the program and was the AFCA’s Assistant Coach of the Year in 2010.

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