Boren Can Shine At Linebacker For Ohio State

Boren Can Shine At Linebacker For Ohio State

Zach Boren

Boren Can Shine At Linebacker For Ohio State

Zach Boren may well have played his final game at fullback for Ohio State, after a brilliant performance at linebacker against Indiana recently. A recent shortage of any player who was a genuine Ohio State linebacker meant that the running back has had to fill in and put his body where it hurts.

Injury to senior starter Etienne Sabino meant that OSU was scrambling for replacements. Some freshman who were supposed to step up and shine disappointed in practice so far for the Buckeyes. This resulted in Boren throwing himself into defensive practice with enthusiasm, and the impression he made on the coaching staff was so great that they picked him to start at linebacker this past weekend.

The Buckeyes used only two linebackers for much of the game against Indiana, who favored the pass in offense. Boren therefore alternated series with regular starting middle linebacker Storm Klein, at least for the majority of the first half.

The erstwhile fullback rolled his sleeves up and put in more defensive effort, playing more of the fourth quarter when Klein was forced off with injury. His performance was impressive too. By the final whistle, Boren led the team in tackles, making eight total. Head Coach Urban Meyer reported after the game that Boren’s move to linebacker is now considered temporarily-permanent.

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